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On the 23rd of November 2021, DePocket team conducted a successful Telegram AMA with CEO — Mr.Himitsuko and Mr.Huong Phung — CBO of DePocket on DuckDao Lobby

AMA structure and rules:

👉 Ask us questions related to team & products of DePocket, IDO event

> You can read here to learn basic about us:


👉 Ask us questions related to the DePocket products

-> You can read here to learn basic about us:

-> To receive the prize, the winner must to:

- Join DePocket group:

- Follow Twitter DePocket:

AMA structure

👉 Introduction Part: the host will chair this part, and they will mute the chat.

👉 Community part: you can ask questions, after that we will mute the chat and answer the questions.

👉 Free discussion chat: discussion between us and users.


AMA in detail:

This AMA was about the team & products of DePocket and details information of IDO event

Pep: Welcome everyone to another DuckDAO AMA. Today we Welcome the Team from Depocket

Himitsuko: Hi Pep, Hi everyone, Thank you, hope that we will have a successful AMA today ☺️

Huong Phung: Hello, very glad to be here tonight! I’m Huong, DePocket’s CBO, and would love to create a great AMA tonight!

1/Pep: Can you briefly at a high level explain what Depocket is about before we dive into some deeper questions presented by the community?

Himitsuko: Absolutely! The World of DeFi In your Pocket. Easily manage and optimally invest your Crypto assets across ALL DeFi platforms.

2/Pep: That sounds easy enough to understand. What’s the problem that your project saw that wasn’t being solved by another project?

Himitsuko: That’s a great question! As a crypto trader/holder or any newbie driving to the DeFi world. They need to work with too many websites to invest in. So it’s hard to manage right? Yes, furthermore, with some people, it is too hard to understand some concepts in crypto. Something like the question: what is a pancake, venus, etc….So we bring to the users a platform to help them easily track their funds easily with no need to go to other websites. Only one place to manage all. We are driving into blockchain with the mission Bring the Defi world to the real world 💪 We are driving into blockchain with the “Bring the Defi world to the real world.

3/Pep: Perfect! Great to see you accommodating those that are struggling. Love it. Can you tell us some innovative features of DePocket and its value for users?

Huong Phung: Of course.All DeFi in your Pocket- This is our slogan. We are making DePocket one of the most unique & potential projects in the market. We will help users easily manage and optimally invest across all DeFi platforms from just one place.

4/Pep: Nice. Can you please summarize all of your product features for us?

Huong Phung: Of course, I will explain each point, hopefully, it might be easier to understand

Dashboard: Manage portfolio; Real-time PNL, Cash Flow Chart, Balance Tracking, Manage NFTs assets, Price fluctuation alert.

Multi-wallet management: Tracking any wallet without password, Synced across devices; Add and manage multi-wallet, watch/unwatch specific wallet.

Swap integration: Make transactions on the Dex multi-platform, with the lowest gas fees.

Investment operation on multi-platform: Make decisions with APY/APR ranking. Easily invest with staking on the Depocket App.

Saving operations on multiple platforms: Auto Farming, auto staking, Stake depo, and earn depo reward.

More to come Onchain API for developers, Onchain Analytics…

5/ Pep: Wow you guys do it all! This is quite impressive. What would you categorize as the best features that you would highlight to our community?

Huong Phung: I’ll take this question first 🙂

As a crypto holder, there are 2 features that I really like, that are

- The first one is Tracking assets of multiple wallets: it helps you manage your total assets across all platforms, multi-chains or multi-wallets, quite friendly and easy.

- And the second is Tracking GameFi assets as well as Staking & Trading your heroes and in-game items

Himitsuko: Ya, the GameFi is all the craze these days.

So we are ready to integrate and ready to serve.

When the next big thing comes along, DePocket will ALSO be there.

DePocket’s vision is to become the world’s greatest asset management hub. With GameFi lining up to flood the DeFi market with countless in-game NFT assets. We plan to continuously collaborate with new and existing gaming projects to integrate their marketplaces with ours.

I am investing a lot in Crypto, ^^, so with me, I like 2 other features:

- Chart shows investing performance: I only need a quick glance, and I can see cash flow is displayed in the form of a chart. Save the time so much

- And another one is the chart showing investing performance, it will show cash flow is displayed in the form of a chart.

As I said, if you are an investor, you will like those two, quite convenient.

6/ Pep: Well you guys seem to have every area covered so I’m sure you will be ahead of the trend.

Himitsuko: Thank you, DePocket’s vision is to become the world’s greatest asset management and optimal investment hub. So we are ready to integrate and ready to serve.

7/ Pep: With the slogan “Decentralized assets in your Pocket”, DePocket aims to bring Defi to the real world. However, there is still unavailable fiat that is not supported. Would you consider adding FIAT as an on-ramp for users?

Huong Phung: Really interesting question. We understand FIAT is convenient for users. That’s why we have a plan to add about 50 different FIATs in this Q4

Himitsuko: Yes, and the fiat price also updated in real-time

8/ Pep: whoa! That’s huge. Each app-based wallet has transaction fees that vary from cheap to expensive. What are the minimum fees we have to pay to send or receive tokens using your wallet? And how fast does DePocket perform compared to others?

Himitsuko: Sure, it is a good question. The first, DePocket platform is not intended to be a wallet, but rather a place where users can manage DeFi on multi-chain and multi-wallet. And after that is the ability to invest intelligently based on aggregate market data provided by DePocket to maximize returns.

Another feature is to swap tokens with the lowest fees. Depending on the time and transaction, DePocket will choose the best route to swap to save fees. So at all times, the cost of Swap on DePocket is always the lowest in the market.

Pep: That’s great to hear! Yeah fees have been a hot topic this past year so glad that you’re addressing it

Himitsuko: Yes, One day I will swap a $1 token with $10 gas fees. :)

9/ Pep: I’ve actually given up on tokens where the fee is higher…I just consider it a loss. :) Users are always happy with user-friendly usage. Like an application that can be used, does DePocket have an application that can be used in mobile devices (IOs or Android)?

Himitsuko: Sure, we definitely will. In Q2/ 2022 we will launch mobile apps for both IOS and Android

10/ Pep: Before we wrap up the AMA, Is there anything else you would like our community to know that I may have missed and you would like to highlight?

Huong Phung: Yes, this is really important information for everyone who wants to know and join DePocket IDO :

IDO at Monday-Tuesday, 29th-30th November 2021

Price of $DEPO token: $0.25 per token

List on PancakesWap: 30th November (2–3 hours after IDO);

Price: $0.3 per token.

Max IDO slot for each per person: $85 — $300 (in USDT/BNB)

Please follow us on Twitter or Telegram to stay tuned.

11/ Pep: Exciting times!!! Please feel free to share any links that you wish to with our community

Huong Phung: Here are our official channels, that would help you be updated about DePocket information quick enough

FAQs about us:





Pep: Great…thanks for sharing that! Well, thank you gentlemen for taking your time and spending it with us to answer questions. I’m sure our community is more enlightened by your candid responses.

Himitsuko: Thank for your host today Pep and DuckDao ☺️

Huong Phung: nice words.





An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.

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