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DePocket is so proud and grateful to announce that it is finally time to prepare for our IDO token generation events!! Three huge events within 2 days! DePockets IDOs on OxBull and DuckDAO and the public sale on Pancakeswap are right around the corner and we’ve got all the info you need to stack up on DEPO before DePocket becomes the gold standard of Crypto, NFT and GameFi asset management! Thank you so much for all of the support from our partners, integrated platforms, investors and MOST OF ALL our amazing communities!

Events Overview

IDO Dates: 29th Nov (OxBull) & 30th (DuckDAO)

Pool: $420,000

IDO Price: $0.25

Listing Pancakeswap: 2–3 hours after IDO on 30th Nov UTC time (exact time undisclosed for anti-snipe bot measures)

Initial market cap: $84,000 USDT


For Oxbull:
29th Nov at 16:30 UTC (kindly check detail below)
Pool: $250,000
Total Tiers: 4
Tier 1–3: only for OXB holders → More details
Tier 4: Depocket Community whitelist winners Whitelist Competition

Token Purchase for Tier 4: First come first serve. Each WL ticket holder will have a chance to purchase $85 BUSD in $DEPO (~50% chance)
Distribution time: 2 hour after Listed on Pancakeswap (tentative at 7PM UTC — 30th Nov).

“Note: For those who join Tier 1, 2, 3 on OxBull, please do not sell OXB token (OxBull token) before TGE, or you may not get $DEPO token!”

How can I claim my tokens?
-> Answer: details at link provided
Question: Do you have a different time for tier 1, 2, 3, 4? Or all of these tiers can be purchased at 2 PM UTC — 29th Nov?
-> Answer: kindly check the information below:

Tier 1: 29 Nov — 16:30 UTC
Tier 2: 30 Nov — 12:00 UTC
Tier 3: 30 Nov — 13:00 UTC
Tier 4: 30 Nov — 13:30 UTC

DuckDAO IDO Details:

Date: 14:00 UTC — 30th Nov
Pool: 170,000
Total Tiers: We have 6 Tiers
Tier 0: Depocket Community whitelist winners
(We will announce the whitelist winners. The winners must do the KYC on Blockpass: Then the winners will be added manually and directed to the platform to purchase $DEPO tokens).

Token Purchase for Tier 0: First come first serve. Each WL ticket holder will have a chance to purchase $50 USDC in $DEPO (~50% chance).
Tier 1–5:
Reserved for $DLP — DuckDAO Holders. Refer to the video and medium article below to learn how to access these tiers
+ Duck Medium:
+ Video:
Distribution time: 2 hours after Listing on PancakeSwap (tentative at 7PM UTC — 30th Nov).

When can I purchase $DEPO tokens on DuckDAO?
Answer: All tiers start at the same time (2PM UTC — 30th Nov)
Question: How do users claim $DEPO tokens?
Answer: Users can claim them on the same page that will be created for the Depocket IDO ->

Listing on Pancakeswap:

Date: tentatively at 17 PM — 30th Nov (2–3 hours after IDO ends)
Initial Cap: only $84,000 USDT — super low cap and potential.

How many percent of the token will we release?
Answer: Initial circulating supply(%): 1.34%
Initial circulating supply: 280,778 $DEPO
Initial market cap: $84,233
Contract address (BSC chain): 0x7d99eda556388Ad7743A1B658b9C4FC67D7A9d74

About DePocket

Whether you’re just a newbie or a seasoned investor with a diversified crypto portfolio, DePocket makes your life easier and more profitable. DePocket provides its users with a highly comprehensive crypto portfolio & NFT management platform. We’re looking to lead the industry in convenience and user experience. Our intuitive platform functions as a multi-chain, multi-wallet dashboard where users can monitor, manage, invest, swap and save any cryptocurrency, GameFi and/or NFT assets in a single user-friendly, clean and concise platform.

About OxBull

A Startup Incubator and Launchpad developed By Tech Enthusiasts. Oxbull.Tech hopes to help Startups with the necessary funding and support to kick start their project in the most efficient way possible. From there, Oxbull.Tech shall connect quality and credible blockchain projects with Investors. The Oxbull way is driven by Quality, Credibility, and Relentless Execution. And that is what you can expect from the projects launched with/by Oxbull Tech.

About DuckDAO

DuckDAO is a decentralized incubator that helps promising projects achieve their full potential by leveraging the investment power and buzz making potential of our community. We aim to democratize access to investment opportunities that were previously available to only well-heeled investors and venture funds, opening up the closed ecosystem of early-stage crypto project investments to everybody.

About Pancakeswap

PancakeSwap is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PancakeSwap has two things going for it. The ongoing moon frenzy and the fact that it runs on the BSC and has loads of BEP20 token projects launched on its DEX on a daily basis. It is very easy to list on PancakeSwap with very low fees


TGE events are OFTEN targets of scammers and bots. We at DePocket are taking EVERY precaution possible to protect our communities from scammers. However, there still may be scam attempts, fake links, FUD or even possibly snipe-bots. DO NOT click or confirm ANYTHING without double checking price or link origin. Stay tuned and updated on our Official Channels. Admin/Mods never DM you to raise funds or ask you to join other groups.

Please note: The DePocket IDO is ONLY on OxBull and DuckDAO

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