What you need to know about DePocket’s upcoming surprises in April

In a few short weeks, DePocket will be rolling out several new features and improvements. These include integrations with ReF finance and Uniswap, a hackathon competition, and support for Dapps on Near. Additionally, the app will see significant improvements in terms of usability and functionality.

1. What is DePocket and what do they offer?

DePocket is a user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your cryptocurrency and gamefi assets through multiple blockchains and wallets. It offers comprehensive portfolio management tools, news updates, and graphs. You can also use DePocket to invest, swap, and save any asset within the platform

2. Why are we making these changes in April?

We are making these changes in April to improve the user experience and functionality of the DePocket app. These updates include integrations with Ref finance and Uniswap, support for Dapps on Near, and improvements to the mobile app and PC app

3. What are some of the updates that we can expect?

Here are some of the updates that you can expect in April:

  • Integration of Ref finance & Uniswap
  • Hackathon competition
  • My Defi Pet integration
  • NEAR’s Dapp support
  • Improved mobile app & PC app

4. How will DePocket’s integration with Ref Finance work?

Users of Ref Finance, take heart! The DePocket team has now integrated all Ref finance assets to provide a smooth experience across all devices for those who need to manage their assets. With real-time updates at no cost, the DePocket staff is dedicated to bringing DeFi one step closer to the masses. Use our dashboard, which will allow you to keep track of every one of your possessions in one spot! The DePocket team is thrilled to work with Ref Finance and continue improving the user experience for everyone. Keep track of your funds with our new collaboration and integration of Ref Finance!

3. How will the integration of Uniswap work

The integration of Uniswap into our dashboard for asset tracking is something we’re pleased to announce. This allows DePocket users to keep track of and trade almost any cryptocurrency asset through several blockchains and wallets, making it easier than ever before for investors like you to watch your portfolio and transact in crypto with ease!

4. What are some of the improvements that will made to the mobile app and browser app?

We are excited to announce that we will be making several improvements to our mobile and browser app. These improvements will include bug fixes, a better user experience, and increased safety and stability. We plan to provide our users with new features and enhancements as well. We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are!

5. How can people participate in the Avalanche hackathon competition?

The Avalanche Asia Hackathon is an unprecedented opportunity for developers and early stage projects to win investment and support from over 20 prominent VCs, exchanges, and key ecosystem players.

Today, you can vote for us to climb the leaderboard and help us win. It’s all really simple: follow the link to vote, connect your Metamask wallet on the AVAX Network, enter the number of votes that you want to give then pay for the votes by confirming the transaction. Your support means everything to us, so please vote today!

Join our community and show your support! We need you to win this competition. Buy DEPO, increase wallet holding with diamond hands — it’s time for action!! Get involved in the conversation on Twitter or Telegram so that everyone knows we’re one big happy family here at DePocket.

6.DePocket is making a killing at the Solana Riptide Hackathon.

Riptide is a global, online hackathon for the Solana ecosystem and community. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into web3, this hackathon is the perfect opportunity to start your crypto journey. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re invited to join the global hackathon. Register here!

Throughout the hackathon, there will be live-streamed presentations, workshops, and panels on a variety of crypto-related topics. DePocket has been selected as one of the top projects being considered by the judge panel — vote now to help us win! DePocket needs your support more than ever at one of the most exciting Solana event!

7. We Are Also Running at Full Speed at the Moonriver Grant Hackathon

Moonriver Network announced the Moonriver Grant Hackathon. Starting March 23rd, the Moonbeam Foundation, with DoraHacks and Huobi Incubator, opened the Moonriver Virtual Hackathon and DePocket is proud to be participating.

Moonriver is a fully Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Kusama. This compatibility makes deploying new or existing Solidity DApps quick and easy. The hackathon is an opportunity to get your feet wet in this new ecosystem and start developing with workshops, live support, and prizes.

This hackathon is focused on innovating the Web3 space. The Huobi Incubator Best Overall Projects will be judged based on creativity, quality of technical solution, and user experience. The top three projects in this category will receive $10 000, $7500, and $4,000 respectively. You can also vote for DePocket here!

8.DePocket and the BNB Revelation Hackathon

DePocket will continue running at full speed with another hackathon. Announcing Revelation, a global hackathon by BNB Chain; a 50-day event packed with online workshops, in-person meetups, and $10 million in prizes and seed funding for the best competing teams. This event also kicks off BNB Long-term Grants and BNB GrantDAO, a long-term community grant initiative supporting multi-chain innovation.

The hackathon is co-hosted by DoraHacks, one of the largest multi-chain developer communities and incentive platforms. DoraHacks and BNB Chain will also jointly launch and curate BNB GrantDAO, a long-term grant initiative to support and cultivate innovative startups in the BNB ecosystem. The registrations for the Revelation Hackathon will open on March 20, 2022, to onboard new developers to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The dawn of MetaFi and Web3 is upon us, and the BNB Chain community is venturing into a new frontier. Support DePocket in this adventure!

9. Dapps on the NEAR blockchain will be supported by DePocket.

The DePocket team is excited to announce that we will be supporting Dapps on the NEAR blockchain! This includes support for the Near protocol and its associated Dapps. We believe that this collaboration will benefit both our teams and help to further the development of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development!

10. What can people expect from the integration of My Defi Pet?

Integrating My Defi Pet into our platform is something we are very excited about. This will allow users to keep track of their assets within My Defi Pet through our dashboard, making it easier than ever before to manage their portfolios. We believe that this collaboration will benefit both our teams and help to further the development of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting development!

11. Binance’s MBV Program

Binance’s MVB program is one of the most competitive in the blockchain sector. The event aids in the growth and innovation of BSC’s ecosystem as well as throughout the whole blockchain industry by recognizing top dApps and builders. Many of the projects in the program gained a lot of popularity, with some MVB winners dominating global rankings in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Infrastructure & Tooling. DePocket is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as one of the five runners-up for this prestigious initiative!

12. What is the next step for DePocket?

The next step for the DePocket team is to continue working hard to provide our users with the best possible experience. We will be making several improvements to our mobile and browser app, as well as integrating new features and enhancements. We also plan to support Dapps on the NEAR blockchain, and collaborate with My Defi Pet. We believe that these collaborations will benefit both our teams and help to further the development of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting developments!



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