What is GameFi? The role of DePocket dApp in GameFi assets management

  • One of the 4 biggest auditing companies in the world predicts that 30% of the total jobs all over the world will probably be replaced in 2030. In this situation, the manual laborers will be mostly undergoing the negative effects of the process of automatization and suffer from social exclusion.
  • Some enormous historical events are able to lead to the result of compulsive job modification to adapt such as COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Although COVID 19 caused a big bunch of detrimental repercussions and left immensely tragic consequences, we can not deny that in some ways, this pandemic actually triggered the wave of technology adoption since the increasing number of unemployed encounters the elevation and higher popularity level of GameFi. Hence, blockchain games have more opportunities to introduce a completely new modern job in which gamers play to earn money as this possibly helps the jobless manual-labor people.


  • With GameFi, users can experience a new game world where all trading activities are operated directly peer-to-peer without having any third-party control or supervision. Players now not only have the goal to eliminate stress when playing games but also are able to earn the real money sufficiently to cover for their accommodation and even beyond that. In the other words, the game players owning their assets such as NFT, game tokens, can play a specific role in properly influencing the project development in the long-term period.
  • There are two basic ways to make profits in GameFi: Play to Earn and Free to Earn. In terms of Play to Earn, we can invest money in the blockchain games and play to win the reward tokens and NFT, then sell them on the market. In a second way, Free to Earn gives players the special function to invest their time in playing games and be able to earn from that.
  • Regularly, in the matter of traditional games, players sacrifice time and money for relaxation. In contrast, in GameFi, our time and money usages are found as investments that help us cover our lives.
  • In conclusion, there is no doubt that GameFi is a highly recommended solution for unemployment because of the industrialization evolution and AI development. The blue-collar workers are the most vulnerable ones subject to the increased unemployed rate in relation to machine replacement in labor. Moreover, GameFi also opens a new gate to earn money more flexibly with no dependence on high-tech gadgets or specific working places. All you need sometimes is simply only a smartphone with an internet connection and let it go.


  • Players consequently face difficulty in managing and tracking their tokens and NFTs because it is so complex as if users open all GameFi platforms at the same time to check their assets frequently. That is the reason why an all-inclusive dashboard which is called DePocKet dApp is born to serve as an ultimate solution for the problem mentioned above.
  • DePocket Platform is a user–friendly decentralized app that aims to become the most popular asset management defi hub in the world. To resolve the complication related to GameFi possessions management, the DePocket team has been finding more GameFi Projects to collaborate to integrate their marketplaces with ours. This would then allow gamers to track their game tokens and NFTs by using only an all-in-one DePocket defi hub with a few simple steps. Furthermore, this dApp also ensures a high level of security since users can track the assets without wallet-connecting involvement.
  • We, the DePocket team, are really happy to have the chance to help crypto users simplify everything in correlation with financial management in blockchain as we are dedicating a lot of our efforts to enhancing DePocket dApp for offering better services. Besides, we are glad to announce that DePocket has successfully integrated AIRNFTs tracking function. For the individuals who have not known, AIRNFTS is an NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain focusing highly on user experience and ease of usage to Create, Buy, Sell NFTs. At present, users only need to visit https://link.depocket.com/airNFTs and enjoy tracking NFTs with several very simple clicks.

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