Users can now track Meta Pool staking on the DePocket App

2 min readJan 26, 2023

Stemming from the NEAR chain, Meta Pool is the next dApp that DePocket has integrated into its App. Meta Pool is a particularly helpful dApp for investors holding NEAR. It provides support for users who are looking to stake the NEAR coin.

This successful integration means that investors of all types can track NEAR and Meta Pool staking balances any time they need to. This continues to offer further convenience to users trading with the DePocket App.

An Overview of MetaPool

Meta Pool is a project that supports Liquid Staking for NEAR. After Staking, investors receive stNEAR, which represents the number of NEAR deposited into the Pool.

For example, Meta Pool’s Liquid Staking mechanism allows investors the opportunity to create synthetic assets in the form of fungible tokens from assets staked in a decentralized network.

Metal Pool unique selling points

  • An ability to stake and unstake NEAR immediately: Liquid staking is an alternative to traditional staking, which allows investors to stake and effectively unstake their NEAR without the requirement of waiting 52 to 65 hours as per usual.
  • Investors can choose to pay a swap fee that ranges between 0.3% and 3% or to unstake using the old method, which means waiting for 2–3 days to avoid any fees.
  • Improved Decentralization for NEAR Protocol: Meta Pool distributes stake for low-fee validators, indirectly making the NEAR network more decentralized and censorship resistant.

DePocket is always excited to support the NEAR Chain and any dApps that belong to the NEAR ecosystem.

NEAR is a really strong and potential project with a growing community each day. By helping investors track their balances, staking, or even farming balances, DePocket aims to provide a superior experience to all of its investors. DePocket is not just a user-friendly DeFi App, but also a convenient platform that investors of any level can benefit from using.

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