Good news for our loyal users! We are pleased to announce that Ubeswap is officially active on the DePocket dashboard!

Ubeswap: The leading AMM DEX of Celo Ecosystem

Sharing a similar design with well-known exchanges like Uniswap or Sushiswap, Ubeswap is an AMM protocol and DEX built on the Celo. Ubeswap is expected to boost the trading process of ERC-20 tokens and a range of Ethereum ecosystem applications.

Ubeswap is concentrating on creating a mobile-first interface, like what Celo meant to be, that will enable Celo customers to trade any ERC20 token using their smartphone devices in order to improve the trading experience on Celo. In addition, Ubeswap has recently released the web version. So users now can swap tokens on PC through either the Ledger hardware wallet or Metamask.

Besides token swaps, users can also take advantage of providing liquidity and yield farming to earn rewards. Ubeswap currently supports 27 different tokens, with total liquidity of over $5 million, according to Defillama. On the other hand, this platform also has more than 30 pools for users to farm. Some pools have double reward or event triple reward with extremely attractive APR, up to over 200% per year.

All the features of the DEX are built with the support of the UBE token, the native token of Ubeswap. It is used for transaction fees, pool rewards as well as governance.

Fill the Celo gap on our dashboard

As one of the fledgling blockchains in the DePocket family, Celo is more disadvantaged than her older siblings. The majority of integrated dApps are focused on big names like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, or Solana. Being active on the DePocket dashboard, Ubeswap will help us to balance the distribution of integrated dApps, especially on newly supported blockchains. Users who are liquidity mining or yield farming on Ubeswap can also take advantage of DePocket to keep track of their assets.

Try our demo wallet here: https://app.depocket.com/addresses/0x5472895f8de2424aae41cfeba18d39145fa8e685

Celo is a blockchain with great potential, but it seems to be underestimated compared to the others. Hopefully, the market recovery in the near future can accelerate the development of Celo as well as its ecosystem.

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