DePocket is diversified by adding the 15th blockchain: Optimism!

Optimism: The “backyard” of Ethereum

Ethereum is considered to be the top blockchain that has the largest ecosystem. However, Ethereum also has many shortcomings related to the consensus algorithm that lead to slow network speed, poor scalability, energy consumption, and high transaction fees.

To solve that problem, besides planning to change from PoW to PoS by the ETH Merge in September this year, Ethereum also focuses on a variety of layer-2 projects to improve its scalability. And one of them is Optimism! A project that has been called the rising star in recent times.

Optimism is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that is compatible with all dApps running on Ethereum. Instead of running all data and computation on the Ethereum mainnet, Optimism turns all data on-chain to off-chain to analyze. As a result, it can help Ethereum increase the number of transactions processed per second and reduce transaction fees.

In addition, due to its similar architecture to Ethereum, most dApps running on Ethereum can be imported to the Optimism blockchain. Crypto assets on Ethereum and Optimism are also theoretically interoperable, although it will take 7 days to verify before finishing the transaction.

Token OP, the native token of Optimism, has risen considerably since OP was airdropped to Ethereum users. OP is traded for around 2 dollars, fivefold higher than ATL of 40 cents two months ago. That helps Optimism to climb into the top 100 on the ConMarketCap ranking dashboard with over 400 million dollars cap.

DePocket dashboard is lighted up

The rising star Optimism has been lighting up all the Defi platforms. Token OP is currently at the top of the locked tokens with the highest value on the 10 largest Defi platforms, according to Defi Llama. That means the number of users holding and investing in OP tokens is countless. Understanding the need of users, we have added the Optimism blockchain to the list of blockchains that DePocket is supporting.

The balance of OP or other tokens on the Optimism blockchain is now displayed on our dashboard. Users of Optimism or the one that is transferring assets between Optimism and Ethereum needn’t worry about tracking whether the assets complete transferring between these two blockchains or not. Just open the DePocket app, check on Optimism and all the results are showed up.

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One billion USDT were minted yesterday. That is the sign of the beginning of a new trend. Take a deep breath and let DePocket help you.

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