Hey DePocket Muscle, I’m here to bring good news for those who are investing on the BXH platform. From now on, users do need to log in to BXH to make or monitor their investments. All work can be done through DePocket.

Last week, Binance Labs announced that they would close a $500 million fund to promote blockchain, Web3, and value-building technologies. This is a huge impetus to revive dying projects on the Binance Smart Chain platform during the crypto winter. With dedicated “taking care” from Binance Labs, dApps on the BSC platform often attract a large number of users. This is also the reason why DePocket focuses on integrating as many dApps on BSC as we can, with 26 dApps in our list. And now, the BXH has taken the place of the 27th.

The basis of BXH is an all-in-one DeFi eco-platform with an AI-powered yield farming aggregator and advantageous trading pairs DEX. In March, the project was launched on the Huobi HECO Eco Chain and was chosen as a Huobi Maker premium project. BXH was officially launched on Binance’s BSC smart chain in July. The deployment of Polygon and other mainstream public chains will be completed over time. BXH seeks to develop an open-access, public-oriented cross-chain Defi ecosystem, providing investors with more secure and high-quality investment possibilities.

We will always strive to bring the best experience to our customers. All you have to do is trust DePocket and enjoy managing your investments on BXH just by taking some usual steps.

Try our demo wallet here:



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