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Swapr: typical AMM DEX

Swapr is a typical AMM DEX with the same functions as other AMM DEXs on the market like Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Developed by DXdao, a decentralized organization founded in 2019 with over 400 stakeholders, Swapr knows how to be unique with a number of distinct functions, which set the tone for this dApp.

Firstly, Swapr currently supports multi-chains including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Gnosis. This is slightly better than big names like Uniswap in terms of the number of supported blockchains. Users can trade and swap tokens on the same blockchain by Eco Router or cross-chain thanks to Swapr’s Bridge.

Secondly, Swapr has a nice set of features including LP governance, DIY farming, and so on. Users can connect their MetaMask wallet to the platform to take advantage of staking or liquidity mining programs in exchange for rewards. Users need to have a small amount of crypto as a transaction fee because it might take up to 4 transactions to complete adding liquidity.

Last but not least, Swapr was the first Defi protocol introduced by a DAO. All changes or proposals are decided by vote. So, it can be said that Swapr is the first AMM DEX whose gas fees can be adjustable through governance.

First Gnosis supported dApp on the DePocket dashboard

As what DePocket means to support Gnosis, dApps on this blockchain will be step-by-step integrated into our dashboard. And present! Welcome to the first one, Swapr! Swapr recorded a total locked value of nearly 80 million dollars in September 2021, which has gradually sunk to 11.96 million dollars at the time of this writing. Of which, assets on Gnosis accounted for 10.27 million dollars, or 85.9%, according to Defillama. The rest belongs to Arbitrum and Ethereum. That is dominance!

As the ecosystem of a new blockchain grows, the AMM DEX becomes a key. Whoever has investments on Swapr can paste the address into our app to monitor the digital assets without the requirement of connecting a wallet.

Try our demo wallet here: https://app.depocket.com/addresses/0x458cd345b4c05e8df39d0a07220feb4ec19f5e6f

Get a hold of yourself! The big thing is coming, soon!

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