SPIN Now Available on DePocket

2 min readJan 6


Spin is a DeFi derivative infrastructure that is built on the NEAR Protocol. It’s now the second dApp from this protocol that has been integrated into the DePocket dashboard. An integration like this will help the NEAR community manage their assets better.

Spin is the first product to provide an on-chain order book solution on the NEAR Protocol. The project was born with many outstanding features such as an improved user experience, flexible liquidity, easy access for institutional traders, secure and transparent on-chain verification, facility Association pricing different types of tools and interoperability with trading bots.

The unique selling points of Spin:

  • Spin is a tool for the experienced trader but also newcomers to the markets. Spin is appreciated for its modern user-friendly UI/UX interface and is a platform that meets the needs of professional traders.
  • The project allows users to trade derivatives such as Futures and options on a decentralized exchange with an order book that features proprietary risk management tools.
  • Users can access liquidity to trade, while also having the opportunity to profit from the market-making mechanisms developed by the Spin team.
  • Users have access to a portfolio builder that can project their profits and losses, and even perform simulations of Futures positions allowing for safer, and simpler trading.

It’s exciting times as DePocket integrates Spin to its dashboard

More dApps on our dashboard means more convenience for investors. Enjoy the DePocket App with its sleek new design and abundant features that includes the ability to create various watchlists, and follow whale wallets while also tracking the tokens you’re interested in.

Take a ‘SPIN’ with our demo wallet here — and get into DePocket: https://s.depocket.com/demo-spin

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