Our RETROACTIVE PROGRAM has just been released. We really want to know what you think about it. Your ideas will help shape our direction, improvements, and motivation too. Don’t hesitate to let us know and get the opportunity to share some great rewards.

The rules are:

- Review the Retroactive program and share your ideas in a post on any of the following social media accounts (Facebook/ Twitter/ Youtube). (can be a video or picture)

- The content needs to be longer than 2 sentences (your ideas can be about the app, quests or anything you want)

- Don’t forget to hashtag #DePocketFinance #Retroactive so that we can find your post easier.

- Then Fill in this google form:

- One person can enter multiple weeks but must review different topics each entry

Time of the contest:

- There will be a new round every week


- 2 winners selected each week

- 50 USDT for each winner

How do we choose the winners?

- The post needs to adhere to all of the rules provided

- The two entries who have the good quality review post will be declared the winners each week. (DePocket will make decision)

Note: Your post must be public

☄️So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and Jump in now!



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