Nomiswap: A DEX with Team Farming and Zero Swap Fees — has been integrated into DePocket’s Dashboard.

3 min readSep 29, 2022


When the crypto market is growing so fast these days, investors need some safe platform to do exchanges. That’s why DEXs have become quite popular over the past few years. The latest DEXs will provide more advanced features to broaden the earning opportunities for users. One of the latest DEXs in town is Nomiswap, and DePocket is really happy to integrate it to our App.

Nomiswap: First DEX in DeFi space with 0% swap fee and team farming

Nomiswap provides a decentralized exchange platform with the lowest fees and a binary referral system. Nomiswap integration with the Nominex CeDeFi ecosystem allowed it to provide users with a unique set of products while operating under a 0% fee model. The DEX gives users the chance to receive cashback on their trading fees while providing liquidity and increasing these rewards as they level up their farming/staking tier. Nomiswap will reward traders and referrals if they stake or provide liquidity for a token, if they participate in the platform’s launch pools, or simply by swapping tokens. The platform’s unique binary referral program will provide a user with an opportunity to earn from the group of people that they onboarded and for each of their individual activities.

What makes Nomiswap really special?

  • Trading with a 0% fee is possible: Trading with a 0% fee is possible: Nomiswap provides users with utilitarian farming and staking features. The feature allows users to receive trading fees as cashback and referral rewards.
  • Integration with Nominex exosystem: Nomiswap is backed by the Nominex exchange, which is a big plus for the DEX. The integration is powered by a CeDeFi ecosystem that provides users rewards and benefits for just using the platforms.
  • Holder bonus: Users who hold NMX tokens will be incentivized. The bonus will be credited every day in the form of NMX tokens that participate in farming. All farmers receive this incentive in proportion to the money they put into staking/farming.
  • Utilitarian farming/staking: A user receives LP tokens for adding liquidity to the pool. Users have access to a variety of farming options at Nomiswap Farms. Your LP tokens can be staked in order to obtain NMX tokens.

What can users do after DePocket integrated Nomiswap?

From now, users can use the DePocket app to track all the assets of Nomiswap without connecting your wallets. Not just that, you can create a smart wallet list to follow the big whale, watch the flow of the money before making any investment decisions. Also, users from both sides can staking, swap with the cheapest fee on the DePocket App.

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