The DePocket team is actively working rather than waiting for things to happen. After a short period of stillness, it’s time to explore more about what’s going on. Tracking tokens on Moonbeam is now live on DePocket!!!

MoonBeam: Next blockchain on the list

The whole crypto market is on fire? The significant ups and downs of token prices make it difficult to keep track of wallet balances and investment PNLs? It’s just a piece of cake with DePocket. Everything you need can be simply offered with just a few clicks. Check DePocket out! Our App now supports Moonbeam token tracking and is on the way to adding more tokens to the watchlist constantly. Moonbeam is a rising star in the blockchain world nicknamed the Ethereum ecosystem on Polkadot. In addition, Moonbeam is also the project that won Polkadot Auction in 2021. So there is nothing nonsense that Moonbeam cannot be supported by DePocket.

Along with MoonRiver blockchain supported in Multi-chain, tracking MoonBeam is as simple as a finger snap of Thanos. Users simply need to re-do all the steps as usual to track Moonbeam balance. So easy, isn’t it?

Our App will always be innovated for a strong community as promised. DePocket loves you in every universe!

Try our demo here:



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