Mobile applications for crypto users and the new release of Mobile App Version for DePocket financial management dApp.

  • DePocket Decentralized application is invented to become the best solution for the above higher demand in crypto management that it provides decentralized crypto services aiding users to efficiently punctually track the multi-chain wallets on varied Defi apps without wallet-connection requirements, therefore, able to flexibly adapt to the intense crypto market.
  • Just imagine how wonderful it is if you can utilize your dominant technology smartphone to check your digital assets on the DePocket crypto mobile app version even when you are not at home to use your laptop. In addition, DePocket developers have more chances to online interoperate with DePocket users to support them as their smartphones seem to all-time connect to the internet.
  • Furthermore, the utility of sending users notifications of noticeable price amendments is successfully run on the DePocket Mobile Platform to warn users of the situations of big price movements. Besides that, APY and APR data are applied in a new function as a criterion to rank the highly profitable farming and staking deals on several Defi exchanges. Finally, one of the most important features of the DePocket mobile app is that it provides users the best way to protect their accounts because it is not needed to connect to your wallets when tracking the portfolios on the DePocket mobile app version. In this way, data disclosure is ensured to be less likely to happen.
  • Imperatively, DePocket has just announced that the DEPO staking and Near tracking features will be open this month. Let’s wait for the big Defi wave that will lead DePocket and DePocketers towards success.
  • Do not forget to visit our website to catch the newest information. Thank you.




An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.

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An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.

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