2 min readSep 17, 2022

Dear passengers! DePocket is taking off with a new member of our crew: Mercurial.

Mercurial: Stablecoin-boosted AMM on Solana

Mercurial is the first AMM that supports dynamic stable asset vaults on DeFi. It gives users the technological hands to quickly mint and deposit stable assets, generate liquidity for their own needs, or provide them to other players in the community who have similar needs.

Assets will be employed dynamically to support a variety of use cases, including low slippage swaps, lending, flash loans, and external third-party decentralized protocols with maximized performance. Thanks to Solana’s great capabilities, crucial transactions like withdrawing and swapping are possible to be made in a single transaction.

Mercurial will permit the production of synthetics, such as aUSDC or aUSDT, to boost the supply of pegged assets in the Solana ecosystem. These assets can be added to different vaults to facilitate communication with other decentralized third-party protocols as well as to increase liquidity for other pools.

MER, the native token of Mercurial, offers users utilities and governance functions. MER holders will receive a part of the transaction fees, interest, and profits accumulated by the vaults, minting mUSD, and other stablecoins.

Our fate to team up

Solana has been a target of special interest to DePocket for a long time. The proof is that, besides showing SOL balance, DePocket integrated 4 other dApps, including Saber, Solend, Raydium, and Lido. But the DeFi scenario on Solana wouldn’t be complete without an important piece, stablecoins.

While Mercurial is helping Solana expedite the multiple pegged stablecoins into this blockchain, DePocket is making it easier for users to track those multiple digital assets. It seems like we were born for each other and our cooperation is a predictable fate. In terms of our fans, everything will stay the same, except the added information about your investment on Mercurial.

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The bear flag model was conforming the last day. So the market will suffer significant pain in the next couple of months. Hold our hands to overcome this hard time!

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