LuckyChip — The Casino-based GameFi is Now Available on the DePocket App

2 min readJul 14, 2022


If you’re a LuckyChip fan and don’t know how to track your usual balance in an easy way, then this exciting news is for you!

DePocket is really excited to integrate LuckyChip to our dashboard. Now, users from both sides can see the balance, including staking & farming balances. You only need to focus on playing games, then the DePocket App becomes an easy way to check the results.

Let’s have a look at LuckyChip.

LuckyChip is a web3 lottery and casino based Gamefi that offers rewards to users in its ecosystem, either by playing, staking, farming or just referring users to the platform.

Their key features are:

Play to earn: A player can automatically mine $LC for every game they play on the platform, which makes it more attractive because the prizes are high.

Stake to earn: When a player who is holding $LC decides to stake it, rewards are issued.

Refer to earn: This category is open to all users and players who refer their friends to play games on LuckChip.

Learn more about LuckyChip:

Website | Twitter | Docs| Telegram Community | Discord

Why does DePocket want to integrate LuckyChip?

As we always say, DePocket wants to create a great app ecosystem for our users. A platform that is simple and very convenient to use. With some casino-based GameFi platforms like LuckyChip, there are times when it can be really annoying to find the quickest and easiest way to check a balance. It can interrupt or even slow down your game. Well, DePocket has worked hard on creating a solution to that problem.

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