2 min readMay 21, 2022

Hey DePocket fans, I’m here to confirm that DePocket has successfully dream walked and bring the Lido platform from Ethereum into our universe!!!

Lido — First Ethereum dApp supported by DePocket

UST, terra, and lending platforms have kicked us hard in the asses when the prices of terra and UST fell dramatically. That event leads to the collapse of Terra lending playground which brings good returns on investment. As a result, investors are flocking to other blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc… With a good trend vision, DePocket has integrated Lido. DePocket users now have one more choice of Dapps on the Ethereum platform.

Although lending dApp on Ethereum does not offer a high-interest rate like some other blockchain platforms, it seems to be more stable. For a very long time, lending dApps on the Ethereum platform haven’t had bad news that causes investor distrust.

On the other hand, there will be a special event in August 2022. According to the plan, the current Ethereum blockchain and the POS (Proof of Stake) beacon chain are going to be merged. From that, Ethereum will officially use PoS instead of PoW (Proof of Work).

PoS is a consensus technique used by some cryptocurrencies as an alternative to PoW. Stakers — the PoS equivalent of PoW miners — lock funds in a particular smart contract in the PoS architecture. When the network requires a new block, an algorithm provides a certain validator the right to publish the next block.

This will change the network’s focus from mining, in which users use powerful computer resources to mine ETH, to staking, in which Ethereum stakers deposit their ETH in exchange for rewards.

Returning to the DePocket side, the “dream walk” to the other blockchain “universe”, Ethereum, demonstrates DePocket’s vision for an increase in user ETH staking demand at the time ETH merge event will take place. Users only need to directly access DePocket to be able to choose which investment platform is suitable for them including staking, farming, liquidity mining, etc…

Effective investments can yield significant returns during a severe downturn in the market. This profit will help investors get more cash flow to DCA. Let’s get through the hard times of the crypto market with DePocket!!! We will not let you down!

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