IoTex, which combines secure blockchain tech, is now on the DePocket App.

DePocket has just integrated a 17th chain to its dashboard

IoTeX is a decentralized network for the Internet of Things (IoT), powered by a privacy-focused blockchain. IoTeX is not just a regular blockchain, but also a full stack platform that enables reliable data delivery for dApps. The IoTeX platform was designed by a team of award-winning cryptographers and research scientists currently leading the world’s foremost technology and standards consortia, including IIC, IEEE, and CCC.

IoTeX’s mission is to ensure A-to-Z trust throughout the entire information lifecycle in the IoT network, including data collection, transport, storage, and usage.

The IoTeX platform uses a modular architecture that includes different layers of technology:

  • Roll-DPoS Consensus: The consensus mechanism that IoTeX uses is a variant of Delegated Proof of Stake (“DPoS”), designed to offer greater scalability with instant and lossless accuracy. Roll-DPoS randomly selects 24 out of 36 community-voted delegates using distributed key generation (“DKG”) + Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (“BLS”) signatures. New delegates are randomly selected from time to time to ensure high security and hardware efficiency.
  • Layer 2 Chain as a Service: Leveraging blockchain-in-blockchain architecture for heterogeneous computing, IoTeX provides an open architecture supporting heterogeneous and custom Layer 2 chains, targeting use cases, separate applications, and applications provided by different crypto-economic platforms. Layer-2 threads share the same delegate resource. With what is provided, one can easily create a subchain, for example, an EC2 on AWS Cloud.
  • Edge trusted computing: powered by the Layer-2 chain, enables a shared economy of trusted computing, unlocking many interesting and private central dApps.
  • Cross-network interoperability: The IoTeX root chain supports cross-chain interactions with other public blockchains, as well as all Layer-2 chains with the IoTeX Network, allowing crypto assets to be present on the new properties of other chains(e.g. privacy), and enable cross-chain management (e.g. manage on one chain and operate on another).

What users can do after DePocket integrates IoTex?

As always, this integration will provide significant convenience for users from both sides. Users can now use the DePocket app to track and manage their assets without connecting their wallets. Additionally, they can use the DePocket app to perform high-speed swaps with the cheapest fees available, and with updated data on-chain news. Despite all of these advantages, there is still more to come.

You can try our demo wallet here:

The market may be in a downward trend at the moment, but don’t panic. We can all use this opportunity to better prepare our knowledge and understanding, and make smarter decisions in the future as the market recovers.

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