How special and different Near Protocol is and The Imminent Collaboration of DePocket Project and Near Protocol.

3 min readDec 29, 2021


  1. Near Protocol and how it is unique.
  • Near Protocol is a layer 1 blockchain. It can massively develop and offers a very low usage fee for developers to create and build many decentralized applications on it.
  • In addition, Near Ecosystem is one of the most progressing blockchains that is working smoothly and has obtained much improvement in operating system structure and ecosystem operation.
  • Besides, the special features of Near come from its working mechanisms based on Public Proof of Stake and Sharded theories. This would then allow developers to construct a sufficiently good dApps based system design that matches the criterion of expansion ability. In this way, these applications can keep up with the technological race in blockchain and avoid being obsolete.
  • In terms of technology, Near Protocol owns in itself several imperative cutting-edge technologies such as sharding mechanism, consensus mechanism, staking selection & game theory, and the quality of randomness.
  • The vision of Near is to create and model a blockchain ecosystem that follows these rules: easily used, friendly, expansion ability, and simple.

2. What is a Near Wallet?

  • Near wallet is designed for Near holders and is supported by Near Protocol. This wallet is personally owned and operated without having any third-party interference. This, therefore, assists users to better get rid of the information disclosure risks.
  • Although having the benefit regarding low transaction fee, Near wallet only covers for containing Near token which leads to the result that holders need more other kinds of wallets to hold the other tokens. Consequently, when they need to manage these various digital possessions, they have to open not only the Near wallet but also the other financial platforms.
  • To resolve the above troubles concerning financial management, DePocket Defi App is going to collaborate with Near Protocol to help Near holders eliminate the discomfort and frustration derived from the act of regularly managing Near token and other tokens on numerous finance platforms at the same time.

3. DePocket Decentralized Application will collaborate with NEAR Protocol.

  • The cooperation of the DePocket Project and Near Ecosystem will strengthen the convenience qualification in blockchain financial management of Near and enlarge the DePocket all-inclusive Defi center simultaneously.
  • In the other words, the integration of tracking NEAR tokens on DePocket opens a new more modern, and wiser method for Near wallet users to utilize an all-in-one DePocket dApp to check as well as get along with their portfolio instead of opening too many apps or uncomfortably switch among these apps.
  • One more advantage that I would like to mention is Depocket will be able to help holders significantly protect themselves from being hacked or being subject to information loss. For doing that, DePocket does not require you to compulsively connect to your wallets but still lets you be able to track your wallets easily.
  • As DePocket already has the features of tracking information on Binance Smart Chain, Solana chain, and Pancakeswap DEX. Currently, DePocket has a lot of upcoming updates for additional support for chains like NEAR and Decentralized Exchanges like Apeswap as well as adding the staking DEPO token function soon.

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