Geist Finance — A Lending Platform based on Fantom has been integrated into DePocket’s dashboard

2 min readAug 5, 2022


There are many lending-borrowing platforms in the crypto market. Users now have so many choices when it comes to finding a suitable one for them. DePocket’s mission is to integrate the best possible features that will create a more robust and convenient platform for users. DePocket strives to make your investment life better while helping to build a stronger DeFi world.

After careful research, we believe Geist Finance, a project based on Fantom, is a highly potential and suitable project to engage. Geist Finance have already raised over a billion USD in TLV since launch, and continue to grow. While this is an impressive beginning, what is more important is their stability during that period of growth. DePocket is excited to integrate their platform into our dashboard.

What is Geist Finance?

Geist Finance is a Fantom-based decentralized non-custodial liquidity market protocol that allows users to become depositors or borrowers. It is both a lending and borrowing market powered by Aave, one of blockchain’s biggest DeFi protocols.

The interest rates are calculated according to an algorithm that is based on the usage performance of lending pools. The asset valuation will be determined by Chainlink and Band Oracle.

When the lender falls below the required collateral ratio, a number of hints will be provided to the liquidator to pay the loan under the mortgage. With Aave, anyone is free to liquidate, but for Geist there is no support for stable interest loans.

What can the users do after this integration?

Users from both sides will now be able to check their borrow — lending balance of Geist through the DePocket dashboard. Before anyone gets concerned that it will be too difficult to use, understand that it will be as simple as copying a wallet balance into the search bar and watching all of your assets appear below. It’s that easy to use.

What’s really convenient, is that you don’t have to connect your wallets, which also means not having to use more passwords or 12 different private keys yet still enjoy the security you need. In addition to that, users can also track multiple wallets at the same time and check the total amount. There is no need for a calculator or wasting time with spreadsheets.

Isn’t that something worth considering?

Try our demo wallet now:

DePocket is growing every day and will continue to create a more convenient platform for our users. Watch this space as there are more announcements to come.




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