GameFi & DePocket: Preparing for the Biggest Entertainment Revolution of the Century.

GameFi Growth: The Importance of DePocket

GameFi is all the craze these days. The term simply refers to the monetization of video games in such a way that all parties involved can enjoy earning opportunities. Though it sounds simple, the world-altering potential of GameFi became crystal clear with the mind-blowing success of Vietnam-based game developer, Sky Mavis. In 2021 Axie Infinity achieved over 1 BILLION USD in token sales, 1/5th of which was sold in ONE MONTH alone. As a result, the world has begun to see the limitless potential of GameFi.

Every day, new GameFi platforms are launching and contributing immensely to the DeFi space and NFT marketplace. These games are receiving enormous support from global communities and investors. A single game release contributes roughly a billion tokens and infinite NFTs into the DeFi marketplace. As this industry develops further, moderate to seasoned investors will naturally become encumbered by their diverse portfolios. Better methods will be needed to efficiently manage numerous assets. THIS is where DePocket becomes the ultimate solution.

DePocket: Ready, Willing and Able to tackle the needs of the GameFi investor.

DePocket’s vision is to become the world’s greatest asset management hub. With GameFi lining up to flood the DeFi market with countless in-game NFT assets. We plan to continuously collaborate with new and existing gaming projects to integrate their marketplaces with ours. By doing so, our all-inclusive dashboard will allow users to:

  • Track GameFi Tokens:

Users can track how many Gamefi tokens are staked using the DePocket intelligent and effortless interface, without the need for entering multiple wallet addresses. This will save multi-wallet users priceless time, energy and money.

  • GameFi NFT Asset Tracking

Easily track global GameFi NFT collections such as Heroes, items, pets, skins etc. check history, value and/or data without logging in or entering your wallet.

  • Improved user experience

Users will be able to utilize our optimized user-friendly interface and all the tools/utilities we’ve implemented

  • Improved security & convenience

Users won’t be required to login or connect their wallets, reducing risk and saving time/energy

  • All-In-One Management

Easy management of your portfolio across all Defi/Gamefi platforms in one place.


With user-friendliness as a focus, we have already integrated AIRNFTS ( AIRNFTS is an NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain focusing highly on user experience and ease of use to Create, Buy, Sell and use NFTs.

In conclusion, DePocket isn’t a long term project. It’s an endless project. GameFi is currently the newest, biggest and fastest emerging market and we are at the forefront. We are ready to integrate and ready to serve. When the next big thing comes along, DePocket will ALSO be there. We are the world’s solution to asset management and we will NEVER allow our investors to fall behind as the world races forward into the future.



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