2 min readJul 13, 2022


Let’s warmly welcome Fuse Network as a new member of the DePocket house. Fuse will be a new companion to our project as well as a new choice and a new investment opportunity for our users.

Fuse Network: Infrastructure for open-source money

Fuse Network is a project that aims to connect daily payments to blockchain while leveraging the processes provided by Defi. It is an advantage for encouraging businesses and entrepreneurs to change their payment routine from the local digital community into a thriving one through efficient payment methods.

Fuse Network’s seamless framework allows businesses to focus more on reaching and expanding their clients and customers while they spend less time and effort on IT. The network is an adapted design for local communities that allows for easy and low-cost transactions. A set fee of up to US Dollar 1 cent (maximum $0.01) per transaction is charged for transferring money among Fuse accounts. So, it is a more efficient alternative method for traditional cash or cashless payments.

The current Fuse Network platform also offers financial packages such as staking, farming, and lending with attractive interest rates. As a result, it has attracted inflows of tens of millions of USD of TVL. FUSE token, the native token of Fuse Network, is also being traded on major CEXs such as MEXC, and Houbi,… besides reputable DEXs like Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

What does DePocket benefit from integrating Fuse?

Fuse Network is a supporting payment blockchain that already has significant and loyal users including individuals and businesses. So, adding Fuse Network to DePocket’s blockchain portfolio can help our project expand to more potential users, especially enterprise audiences. DePocket users also have an additional option for their investments. It can be said that this cooperation brings benefits to both sides.

In addition, Fuse also develops Ethereum — Binance Smart Chain bridge. These two of the largest blockchains are early partners with DePocket so Fuse Network seems to fit well with our development plan. Users can now simply turn the green tick on the Fuse icon in the Multi-chain section of the DePocket app to track all investments and balances on Fuse NetWork.

Try our demo wallet here: https://link.depocket.com/demofuse

DePocket is becoming a hub among 12 current “oasis” blockchains. But there will be more in the future! Let DePocket help you and enjoy your SAFU investment! Best wishes!




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