FilDA — a highly secure decentralized digital asset banking platform — has been integrated into DePocket’s Dashboard

FilDA is a HECO-based DeFi lending protocol peaking at over $2.1 billion USD in total value. At its core, FilDA leverages its banking and staking protocols to provide crypto-asset depositing, borrowing, staking and other DeFi-related services in a Gas-efficient environment.

“Unlike other lending and borrowing projects on the Ethereum chain, the FilDA token chooses HECO as its backbone. On the one hand, we introduced environmental resources and assets on Huobi. On the other hand, we are able to make our services more user-friendly thanks to HECO’s ease of use and extremely low gas costs,” the developers said in a statement.

We’re really happy to announce that users can now track FilDA tokens through the DePocket App.

Moving forward, users can add FilDA to their watchlist, or track any whale wallets, etc. in order to easily manage FilDA assets. Additionally, you can check farming/staking/ lending balances too, which is really convenient for the serious investor today.

By better understanding crypto users, DePocket wants to offer a simple — convenient — safe app to the crypto-investor community. With DePocket, investors can focus on making smart investment decisions.

Try our demo wallet here:

Though the market is still in a downtrend for a little while longer, there are still many great airdrops happening out there. We hope you can use this time to create better opportunities for the future — for your future!

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