DePoket Has Built & Runs a DAO Mechanism for a Fairplay Market

In the crypto world, you hear a lot about Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is actually an effective and safe way to work with like-minded folks around the globe.

DAO is really transparent and built on a blockchain structure. Many view it as the future of human organization for the internet. It’s a smart contract, a type of immutable digital contract that contains all the rules of an organization. Because the rules are transparent, they can’t be changed without editing the blockchain ledger and alerting its members. A DAOs computer program automatically records every action its members decide to take on the blockchain.

Based on this intelligent and well-designed concept, DePocket is not just creating DePocket Indexing Engine and its crypto dashboard have a lot in common with Web 3.0 but is also organizing our project in such a way that it follows the DAO mechanism, and this is not just for DEPO holders. It also means that users who hold DEPO can decide on the direction for DePocket.

Let us know your ideas by submitting this link: You will need to have a minimum of 10 DEPO in order to submit a proposal.

Aside from all of that, DePocket is always willing to listen to our users and improve each day. If you’re not holding DEPO, but you use the DePocket App, we’re still happy to receive your feedback because delivering a good experience to our users is a mission of high priority.

You can submit a request here: at any time.

And here are some of our VIP red-carpet premium valuable features that are only offered to DEPO holders. It also shows that DePocket has clear benefits for our users.

So what is the advantage of users who hold DEPO?

- They will enjoy highly competitive and rewarding interest rates

- Can see broader PNL data on the app. It’s always more satisfying to see your success over longer periods of time.

- Have unlimited token price alerts

- Can vote on all upcoming features and products

The DePocket Token (DEPO) Use Cases:

Feature unlock:
DePocket is a free-to-use platform. However, some premium utility functions are only offered to DEPO holders. This drives the purchase and maintenance of the long-term DEPO token.

DEPO holders may utilize the voting tool and join the decision-making process in regard to platform development and integration priorities.

Staking and Liquidity Rewards:

DEPO holders may lock their tokens or become liquidity providers on other decentralized platforms such as Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap to earn yield.


Developers need to pay in DEPO tokens for each API call when using DePocket’s on-chain API. Premium DeFi utilities, such as Yield Aggregators, also charge DEPO tokens a usage fee.

20% of fees are used to perform market buy-backs. These DEPO tokens are burnt out of the total supply. This effectively reduces token supply over time, increasing the value of the DEPO token over the long term.

Let’s be DEPO HOLDERS and make it a perfect investment!




An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.

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An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.

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