DePocket’s Marketing Roadmap Shows Exciting Events Coming Soon

4 min readDec 29, 2021


DePocket is hosting a series of events in the coming months to educate and inform its members. The company has an exciting marketing roadmap for this year with plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people. This article will highlight all the upcoming events, plus give you tips on how to get involved. So let’s take a look at what we have planned!
Our Marketing and Budget team will be following the roadmap laid out by our IMC. We’ll allocate resources to specific milestones as they’re reached. Thus, improving our services and growing the DePocket family organically.

2022: First Quarter
In Q1–2022, DePocket is set to integrate NEAR into their platforms, which will result in more marketing events such as AMA’s and interviews. The company has made this decision due to the benefits that both provide for advertisers who want authenticity through direct contact with audiences or influencers on social media channels but also have access at a low cost per click compared to other advertising options available today.
The coming months are going to be a busy time for us as we work on both software development and marketing. The new mobile app will be available on January 1st, so it’s only natural that now is when all of our focus turns towards getting high rankings in search engines with ASO (App Store Optimization). This way people who want an easy solution can find what they need without having to dig too far into details first!

2022: Second Quarter
DePocket has planned a hackathon for developers in Q.2 2022 to use our open source code and on-chain API, as well as help improve it! If you’re interested please let us know. You’ll meet many people who are interested in tech, and you can learn from each other. If you’re interested in contributing to open source, building your own project or just supporting DePocket by including more Dapps.
A word from DePocket: “We are excited about this opportunity not just because hackers get together but also how we can leverage them into building better products that meet user needs.”
We’re excited to announce that in Q2.2022, our landing page will provide useful information such as knowledge about DeFi and video tutorials on how users can create their own decentralized finance applications with ease! We want everyone who visits our site — whether they are just curious or have already started developing crypto projects-to know more than ever before so we’ve built it sturdy while keeping things aesthetically pleasing too; all these features combined make up what you will see soon enough: one efficiently designed website where education meets aesthetics seamlessly.

2022: Third and Fourth Quarter
The company is at a crossroads. The last two quarters of 2022 will be exciting times for the business, with new features and marketing events expected in those periods to help it grow even further!
We are planning a lot of collaborative marketing events with dApps and GameFi projects on multiple blockchains. Other hackathons should also be planned in order to bring attention back onto our platform, which will have new features added, such as auto-staking, alongside exciting opportunities for users!

Our Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
To ensure that everything will go as planned, we are focusing on this IMC campaign:
First off, we plan to achieve our milestones as planned. Our plan is to achieve our goals in the same time frame we have set.
We plan to improve our community, update DePocket’s news and provide useful information like on-chain data. We also want you all the latest scoop from within the company through AMAs with executives or participation in different competitions!
We’ll be booking major news outlets for our big updates, features or partnerships such as Bloomberg or Yahoo Finance.
We are excited about the prospect of providing our customers with a world-class service experience. Our partners, such as NEAR (a reputable agency), BSC Daily and Crypto Differ have shown that they can make an incredible impact in this area by helping us understand what is important when it comes to receiving feedback from clients or potential ones alike. We will work closely together so we all learn how to best serve our users.

It is more important than ever to have diamond hands and hold on to Depo, as the value is expected to skyrocket any day. Think about it this way — if you’re not involved with DePocket now, what will happen when all your friends are bragging that they made a fortune from their investments? You’ll be left feeling like an outsider! In fact, we believe there’s never been a better time for people who want in on the ground floor of one of the most promising new companies out there. Remember- Get Involved Now or Be Left Out Later!
If you’re looking to get more involved in the Depo community, there are plenty of opportunities coming up. Check out our upcoming roadmap and events calendar and make sure to save your seat!

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