Depocket — The Bridge To Manage Your Investment in Different DeFi Protocols.

The Beta version to manage your DeFi positions within a single interface.

Why this app will be the indispensable pieces in Defi? Because it’s integration with multiple DeFi platforms:’s other features:

NFT support: Manage the information of a user’s NFT collections.
Multi-chain x Multi-address: BSC, Eth, Polygon, etc. Not only manage your assets on Multi-chain but also tracking Multi-addresses to see aggregated total assets.
Market notification: Feature of supporting user notification on a market and
other information such as yield farming, staking interest, and APR/APY
On-chain API: DePocket provides an on-chain data API to help developers
access information of all major DeFi protocols quickly. DEPO token is used as
a native payment method for API usage.
DeFi utility: DePocket also provides a range of utilities such as Yield
Aggregator or a feature that helps users get the best prices from multiple
DEXs when swapping token.



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An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.