DePocket Thanks Users For Avalanche Hackathon Vote

Another Avalanche Hackathon has passed. DePocket would like to express my gratitude to all users who voted for us in the Avalanche Hackathon. Your support is the best motivation for us to improve ourselves day by day.

Understanding Hackathon competitions

Officially known as the Avalanche Asia Hackathon, this is an event co-organized by Avalanche and DoraHacks to help global projects scale to Asia and for Asian projects to expand globally. All the teams will have the same opportunity to win the total prize of 5 million USD.

The Avalanche Asia Hackathon is looking for projects in the following fields: DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, Infrastructure and tooling, as well as Web3. The participants can be projects that belong to Avalanche-native programs or, if they were developed on another chain, they can be readily transferred to Avalanche because of its EVM compatibility.

However, the participants must ensure that they have a reserve of the project’s native tokens as rewards for users that vote for them. The number of votes will determine the probability of winning the project.

DePocket joined as competitor in the Hackathon.

As you know, DePocket is a DeFi portfolio tracker project that allows users to monitor assets in multi-wallet and multi-chain. And Avalanche was one of the early partners with DePocket. So, it can be said that DePocket participates in the Avalanche Hackathon as competitors against other projects developed on Avalanche’s blockchain.

DePocket landed in 15th place on the DoraHacks Quadratic Funding Leaderboard. The award that DePocket won is 92.55 AVAX, including 29.7 AVAX from community contribution and 62.85 AVAX from the matching pool. This is not a huge prize, but it means the valuable support of the whole community. Therefore, DePocket greatly appreciates this achievement.

The Avalanche Hackathon will be the essential step for us to spread our project to Asia as well as the whole world. The more people know about DePocket, the more users we have, the more sustainable DePocket will be.

Our team will continue to integrate more platforms and blockchains in order to provide the best convenience for our users. DePocket appreciates the community’s support for us over the past few years. We hope everyone will accompany the project on its path of development as well as other competitions in the future.


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