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DePocket — The World of DeFi In your Pocket

DePocket is an investor’s dream! A multi-chain, multi-wallet App project funded by the NEAR foundation. With quality products, elite staff and the support of major partners, this project has gradually become a prestigious player in the decentralized financial market, in particular, the cryptocurrency market. Come have a look inside and learn more about this project!

A General Introduction to DePocket.

What is DePocket?

The DePocket team was established in early 2021, and officially became an IDO in November of the same year launching a token called DEPO. In terms of products, DePocket acts as an extremely user-friendly DeFi dashboard that supports a multi-chain, multi-wallet platform, where users can monitor, manage, invest, swap any asset and any cryptocurrency or NFT asset, in one place. This is a highly appreciated feature that few platforms have.

Simply put, DePocket is an app that helps users easily manage all of their crypto assets in a most convenient way without having to connect a wallet. This also includes staking/farming accounts. DePocket’s app offers a highly secure trading and investment environment.

DePocket is also optimized to integrate and support more than 1,500 different DeFi assets on the Binance Smart Chain, with protocols such as: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Tranchess, Venus, Mdex, Autofarm and Alpaca Finance, and many more still to come. At this point, DePocket already supports 13 chains and 34 different dApps. There are some notable names like NEAR, Polygon, Solana, etc. and this number shows no sign of slowing down.

In addition, DePocket is also building its own Index Engine system to further improve the user experience as well as support other dApps in the ecosystem that this project is involved with.

DePocket’s top Features:

- Asset management:

DePocket’s asset management feature allows users the opportunity to view the balance of any wallet without actually having to connect a wallet. Users can manage multiple wallets at the same time, with assets that belong to different chains. Simply paste the wallet address into the search bar and all of those assets will appear. It’s very convenient in today’s busy world.

- Swapping:

Users can swap many different token pairs using our cross-platform swap feature with the lowest possible fees. Currently, the number of swappable tokens is 2000, available from 20 different reputable sources.

- Staking:

Currently, users can stake DEPO or DEPO/BUSD. However, in the near future, DePocket will integrate many additional forms of investment features such as farming or staking on multiple platforms within this application. With a very user-friendly interface, users can easily choose the platform with the highest APY/APR in just a few clicks.

- On-chain APIs:

Having the opportunity to analyze data on chain indexes, providing the latest market information, etc. will be essential tools for investors. Currently, this feature is being offered for free to any users who subscribe to DePocket’s channel. Make sure you don’t miss out.

- Index Engine:

DePocket will build its own Index Engine system, from which it can update real-time data accurately and quickly without going through a 3rd party.

This tool will also help other dApps integrate into the DePocket ecosystem meaning that users won’t have to waste time creating one themselves. A feature that developers (devs) everywhere will be very interested in.

The DEPO Token and How To UseIt

DEPO is a token which was created for the DePocket project, offering the following advantages:

- Unlock features: Many of the user-friendly DePocket features are offered for free. However, there are some very unique and beneficial features that are offered within our Premium package, available to users who hold a certain number of the DEPO tokens.

- Administration:

Users who hold DEPO can participate in decision-making opportunities regarding the platform features, development orientation of the project, or applying the DAO mechanism.

- Staking and liquidity:

Investors holding DEPO can stake their tokens or become a liquidity provider on other decentralized platforms like PancakeSwap or BakerySwap to increase their profits.

- Payment:

Developers can also use the DEPO token for each API call when using DePocket’s online API. Alternatively, they can use DEPO to unlock premium features such as Yield Aggregators.

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