DePocket is further enhanced with the integration of MiaSwap

2 min readJan 29, 2023

As the first AMM protocol on the ONUS Chain platform, MiaSwap acts as the main source of liquidity for the entire ecosystem. This significant dApp also allows investors to exchange assets with low fees and earn good returns based on supply liquidity level.

With a simple interface and very attractive APR Pool/Farms, MiaSwap promises to become one of the most used products on the ONUS Chain ecosystem.

DePocket is really happy to integrate MiaSwap into its dashboard. It will continue to offer considerable convenience to our investors.

What makes MiaSwap such a good dApp?

  • Swap: With this feature, investors can trade and exchange assets easily and quickly. Fees are from 0.05% to 0.25%, and used as a reward for those who provide liquidity. Usually 0.05% is used as collateral for USDO, while 0.12% is used to redeem and burn MIA. Lastly, 0.03% is transferred to the stockpile. This allocation will ensure stability in the operation of MiaSwap.
  • Provides liquidity: Investors add holdings to liquidity pools in order to recoup the transaction fees and LP tokens of the pool provided with liquidity.
  • Farm: This allows investors to stake LP tokens and receive a reward of MIA, thereby increasing passive income opportunities with an attractive APR.
  • Mining Pools: Investors can stake MIA and ONUS to get other assets in return. By staking the MIA received from a Yield Farm, investors can maximize their profits from the liquidity provision.

Investors can now track MiaSwap balances anytime, anywhere.

By supporting the Onus chain and integrating MiaSwap, DePocket continues to offer convenience for DeFi investors.

The DePocket App is not just special but also free for everyone to use. Try it now and explore the user-friendly platform for yourself.

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