DePocket integrates the Solana blockchain and enters their multi-chain era.

3 min readDec 10, 2021



The team at DePocket has officially integrated the Solana blockchain into our dashboard. We now officially support tracking of multiple blockchains, which will allow for user convenience in that any token on the Solana blockchain is now tracked. This update includes an all-new multi-chain wallet function that allows users to track their tokens across different blockchains seamlessly. If you’re interested in seeing what this exciting update looks like, check out our app today!

👉 See demo wallet here:

DePocket, always changing to reflect the DeFi World:

DePocket is a powerful one-stop shop for checking cryptocurrency prices and tracking many cryptocurrencies. We provide users with up-to-the-minute price updates, PNL data, and multi-wallet tracking. DePocket continues to grow and develop new features with the seamless integration of the Solana blockchain.

If you’re interested in tracking your cryptocurrencies across different networks, DePocket is the right app for you. DePocket has an all-new multi-chain wallet function that allows users to track their tokens across different networks seamlessly.

We commit DePocket to the future of blockchain and will continue to grow with our users; we have an outwards vision for the future, always looking for new ways to innovate and improve the DeFi world. DePocket’s integration of Solana, a highly scalable blockchain protocol, exemplifies this commitment. DePocket has successfully integrated Solana into our dashboard so that any token on the Solana chain can be tracked through DePocket’s platform. The addition of more blockchains ensures DePocket will continue to expand with its community in order to create a better experience for all involved parties, while also providing increased value as more tokens are added onto De Pocket’s system.

The Solana ecosystem:

Solana is a blockchain that offers lightning-fast transactions with low fees. They have enabled the creation of groundbreaking decentralized applications, services, and infrastructures. Solana’s highly parallelized software makes it possible to run at terabyte speeds on inexpensive hardware or cloud computing resources. This means that Solana has the potential to outperform any other blockchain platform in scalability for both storage and throughput requirements by orders of magnitude. That’s because Solana uses Proof-of-History as its consensus algorithm which doesn’t require sequential access to prior blocks.

A platform that aims to empower developers and businesses with smart contract templates and tools that significantly reduce training time and costs while remaining open source. It provides an entire suite of tools that transforms any business into an agile, pro organization. Solana has a large community base with developers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the Solana project through tools, libraries, and tutorials. Solana is committed to open-source software development and rewards contributors through Solcoin tokens.

DePocket will introduce more Dapps

DePocket is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for Dapps, with more and more amazing applications being added to our ever-growing dashboard such as My Defi Pet and Kryptomon. We’re committed to rewarding contributors through special privileges such as our voting tool, so be sure to check out our platform and see what all the fuss is about!


It has been a long journey, but we are happy to announce that DePocket now integrates Solana. This is not only an exciting milestone for our company; it also reflects how ambitious we are in the space of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our team will work hard on integrating more Dapps into our dashboard and making sure they’re all secure. We’re also happy to see that Solana is doing well and that their technology is gaining more recognition. We believe DePocket will play a significant role in the growth of Solana and we’re excited to be working with them!

Check out our app today and track your Solana wallet!




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