DePocket Integrates Elk Finance into its dashboard

2 min readJan 18


Elk Finance makes life easier for investors wanting to exchange crypto smoothly with their ‘Any chain, anytime, anywhere’ feature. DePocket is very excited to integrate this convenient dApp into its user-friendly dashboard.

Elk Finance — Cross-chain blockchain infrastructure.

Elk Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity, allowing stable and secure transfers across value chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Avalanche, and more. Elk users can seamlessly swap tokens across chains in an instant.

What makes users want to use Elk Finance?

Elk Finance boasts of an ‘Any chain, anytime, anywhere’ experience using advanced functions that include:

  • Cross chain token swapping through their intermediary token ELK.

For example: An Avalanche network token A can convert to a Polygon network token A by swapping an ELK token. The ELK token on the Avalanche network will be burnt, while the ELK token on Polygon will be minted. The price of ELK tokens across all chains will become balanced through the Elk Finance feature in order to reduce the spread between the different chains.

  • Cross-chain stablecoin swapping for value transfers and loans ($CHFT).
  • Impermanent Loss protection for liquidity providers.

Investors can now track Elk balances through the DePocket App

Investors will be able to manage their assets more conveniently with this latest integration. The DePocket App provides a user-friendly platform that is highly secure. It offers investors an incredibly helpful and user-friendly crypto-ecosystem for successful trading.

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