DePocket integrated Bastion into our Dashboard

2 min readJun 17, 2022


As a strategic partner and funded by Near Protocol, DePocket always cares and offers the best opportunity for users of Near and its related ecosystem. The proof is that after Aurora, DePocket has just integrated Bastion Protocol, a decentralized lending and borrowing platform built on Aurora, compatible with Near’s EVM.

With the goal of becoming the liquidity center for Near Protocol, like Compound on Ethereum, Bastion Protocol has been achieving certain successes. Bastion’s TVL has reached hundreds of millions of dollars and a significant increase in users are the factors that made Bastion Protocol catch the DePocket’s eyes. Bastion Protocol users currently do not need to worry about their investments because there’s DePocket!

A quick glance at DePocket

DePocket is a DeFi tracker that allows users to save time on managing and monitoring cryptocurrencies and NFT holdings on multiple blockchains.

Thanks to the outstanding Index Engine, DePocket was conceived, built, and launched successfully, with the first release supporting Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Up to now, DePocket has 10 names on the list and is still counting. With a goal of “Decentralized Assets in Your Pocket,” DePocket’s support capacity will be improved in the future on additional popular blockchains and dApps on respective ecosystems.

Nowadays, DePocket is significantly heavy-weighted and can compete with the big players in the DeFi tracker market. In the near future, DePocket will launch new features for premium members only, besides basic and free ones for regular users.

About Bastion Protocol

Bastion Protocol is a decentralized money market protocol that aspires to be NEAR Protocol’s liquidity hub. It is based on the well-known Compound lending methodology.

Bastion has advantages in cheap transaction fees, more capital efficiency, faster transactions, and more exact liquidations because of its inheritance of the NEAR Protocol.

Users can offer assets to earn interest, put assets up for collateral, borrow assets, leverage long with borrowed assets, and lastly short assets with borrowed assets utilizing the lending protocol.

Bastion also published a governance token, $BSTN, which acts as a motivator to fund borrow requests and maintain initial deposit rate stability. Token holders can vote on important issues, including staking procedures, feed models, and how Protocol Owned Liquidity is managed. It also acts as a mechanism for aligning incentives across Bastion’s borrowers, lenders, team, and partners.

The Aurora protocol, as well as Bastion’s strong security infrastructure, competitive features, and important alliances make it a powerful DeFi protocol and a strategic partner that DePocket has been looking for. You guys should fasten your seat belts because more good news about DePocket will be coming soon!

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