DePocket has grown so much! Let’s go through our memories together and look towards the future.

3 min readJan 17, 2022


The DePocket dashboard is constantly leveling up, with new updates that make it easier than ever to connect you with your favorite token, coins or NFTs. Our sleek and user-friendly interface, more intuitive navigation and host of other features will make life easier for everyone involved! Check out our latest developments through our roadmap and see for yourself how we’re making your life easier.

What is the DePocket dashboard?

The DePocket dashboard is a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes it easier than ever for you to connect all of your favourite blockchains together for you to keep an eye on all your wallets and assets.

When it was initially created, when there were only a few of us working on our mission to bridge different blockchains together, it took an eternity to get things right. Now that more and more people are joining our cause though, we’re able to work on updates and new features in a matter of hours. More and more people, as well as advisors, are added to the day, NEAR being a most notable one.

The DePocket dashboard was created to be so simple and easy to use that you could do it with your eyes closed, and we’ve accomplished this mission: All you have to do is connect your wallets and we’ll take care of the rest. User experience has improved tremendously since our launch.

Our Certik and Verchain audits were big milestones for us, giving us all the advice we needed to make our app even more secure. We here at DePocket believe that your information should be only yours, which is why the DePocket dashboard is 100% private. We protect all of your information with the same encryption that big blockchain companies use to keep their user’s private data locked up tight, and we simply never access it!

A revolution of updates

DePocket has continuously provided updates to further strengthen the experience of its users. Among the recent updates are:

  • The launch of CertiK and Verchain security audits
  • The introduction of custom token tracking
  • Introducing an Impermanent Loss notification feature
  • Integration with blockchain startups Kryptomoon & My DeFi Pet
  • Partnership with Duck DAO
  • NEAR partnership and integration into DePocket’s dashboard

This is all in addition to our recent update, which allows you to connect your NEAR address to DePocket’s dashboard. Our mobile app will be the first-ever to have this feature.

DePocket is an app that makes use of blockchain technology to securely connect users with their cryptocurrency wallets. Our mission is much bigger than just connecting blockchains, though. We want to create a universal system much like the internet that brings everything together into one place. We believe that this will lead us into the future when every wallet on every blockchain will be connected with each other, just like all your favorite social media networks are today!

The DePocket team thrives on creating innovative ideas in order to further progress the app. This includes working on new features, certifying security audits and integrating with NFT startups such as Kryptomoon and My Defi Pet.

The DePocket team is always looking for ways to improve its product and better the experience of its user base. This includes translating its interface into more than 8 currencies, in order to provide an easier service for people of different nationalities.

DePocket has made it one of its goals to become an app that anyone can use without having any previous knowledge of blockchain technology or cryptocurrency wallets beforehand. This means that the DePocket dashboard will remain easy-to-use no matter how many updates are introduced.

We also offer customer support in case there are any questions about how our app works or what some terms mean in general blockchain lingo!

In 2022 we are also hoping to educate our user base with an educational platform that will teach you all that you need to know about the DeFi world!

It is clear that the DePocket team is hard at work on revolutionizing the cryptocurrency dashboard experience. Their dedication to user experience and security has led them to be one of the most innovative and reliable dashboards in the market. The DePocket team is always looking for ways to improve, and they are passionate about educating their users on all things blockchain!




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