DePocket App will be having an in-house Index Engine

3 min readJan 5, 2022


Why is the Index Engine so important today?

As blockchain technology becomes more established and is leveraged to channel transactions in a decentralized way to support real-world use cases, the need to query data stored on blockchain also increases. Furthermore, due to the Blockchain’s time-ordered structure, the linked data resides across numerous blocks, and there is no built-in mechanism to identify, categorize, or query it. As a result, an index that allows users to query the Blockchain’s data for specific words would expand its reach, power, and usability. There are several levels of detail at which indexing may be performed. The essential elements of the Blockchain, including accounts, blocks, and transactions, must be indexed at a low level. Because the overall amount of data recorded throughout the Blockchain necessitates the capacity to identify and retrieve it, indexing at this basic level is critical to high-level blockchain queries.

But to read the data on the blockchain, will not be easy because it is already encoded. It will take a long time for users to decode it, but it will slow you down too. And that is why to have an Index Engine to solve those problems!

So what is an Index Engine on Blockchain!

Indexing is the process by which search engines organize information before a search to enable super-fast responses to queries.

The index engine on the blockchain is an engine that receives data change events from the blockchain, decodes the data, and then organizes, stores, and arranges the data in a readable and queryable form.

The benefit of having Index Engine

  • 3rd party apps don’t need to call up the blockchain to get data in real-time
  • No need to decode data, but can read and display it to the user
  • Performance improvement for the speed of the website, user can enjoy the smoothly when using it

DePocket App will be having an inhouse Index Engine

  • DePocket Platform has an indexing engine, providing blockchain data with high throughput and stability that will bring a good experience to our users
  • Provide solutions and APIs for 3rd parties
  • Index on-chain data to get a token price in time series
  • The wallet balance API is provided for 3rd party applications.
  • DApp integrated with DePocket, can show users the balance on their app using DePocket’s API without having to build it themself.

Blockchain stores data in a scattered way, making it difficult when it comes to retrieving the data specifically. Blockchain Indexing Protocol plays an integral role in the process of Blockchain Data. Users can leverage specific data as per their search filtered via Index Engine. That’s why DePocket will be having an in-house Index Engine in our App to make sure it helps in finding out and retrieving data from various blockchain networks.




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