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On the 22nd of March 2022, the DePocket team conducted a successful Telegram AMA with CTO — Mr.Tuan Hoang (aka Himitsuko) and Ms.Nabi — CMO of DePocket on Near Protocol Telegram group chat

In this AMA, you will understand the partnership between Near and DePocket, the benefits for users, and the growth of the ecosystem for both sides. Also, help the community understand the plan and features coming up, what DePocket will support Near.


Kripto Raptor: Today We will host our guests Nabi Klover — CMO DePocket & Himitsuko — CTO DePocket and Learn more about DePocket 😊 Welcome guys!

Himitsuko: Hi Kripto Raptor and everyone! Hi, I’m Himitsuko! My pleasure to be here today

Nabi: Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I’m Nabi — CMO of DePocket! It’s my pleasure to answer any question from you today about DePocket App

Kripto Raptor: I’m Raptor Community Manager of Near Protocol Telegram Community 😊 Can you briefly introduce yourself please 😊 When did you get into crypto space? How was your journey?

Nabi: Sure Kripto. I have been in cryptocurrency since 2017, I have 8+ years in Digital Marketing; Former Havas Global Agent & My Defi Pet (Topebox x KAI)

Himitsuko: I got into crypto in 2016 by my friends in a small startup. All of us are crypto investors (Poor investor 😆) After a few years, we became developers in a Fintech company in Japan. We are researching cryptocurrency and blockchain to develop some finance services. And now I’m CTO of DePocket.

Kripto Raptor: I wasn’t sure about getting heavily involved with crypto in 2017 😂Finally managed it in 2019 Although I’ve known it since 2014. haha you invested in 2016 I doubt about that ‘poor’ part

Nabi: yeah me too, 2017 I just bought some Eth, but the serious investment was from 2019 😉

Kripto Raptor: I’m sure the community is getting excited about learning more about DePocket. Shall I start with some commonly asked questions about your project?

Nabi: yay, let’s do it

Himitsuko: Yes, I’m ready to answer your questions.

Kripto Raptor: Well, I’m really happy to have the DePocket Team here today! This is the first time DePocket has had the AMA at the NEAR community, can you first simply explain what your project is about?

Nabi: Really honored to be here today, and yes, of course, We would love to introduce about DePocket.

DePocket is a one-stop-shop solution for the vast and endlessly expanding world of crypto & NFTs.

We are aiming to become a place where investors with diversified portfolios can come and manage their assets across multiple chains, wallets, and platforms.

That includes Defi AND GameFi. Simultaneously we will be constantly adding utility features to optimize the user experience! 🙂

Kripto Raptor: a portfolio manager all in one 😊 and you support Native Near Chain too right 😊?

Nabi: Yeah, for sure. We already integrated NEAR protocol into our App

Kripto Raptor: cool 😎 btw I’ve already tried it. you may also experience it here Thank you for that answer. another good question then.

What’s the problem that DePocket is trying to solve? Currently, there are many projects sprouting up strongly, so why should we choose DePocket and not other projects? What are the strengths of DePocket?

Nabi: Let’s me answer the first one and Himitsuko continue after ^^

Our vision is to create the Defi world, so when Defi grows — DePocket will evolve

I believe that it will solve the problems of investors & traders to help them save time & earn more profit when managing their assets or making transactions.

For example, when you wanna swap BNB/USDT — DePocket will list down the price on Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap -> after that, you can evaluate which platforms have cheaper prices and lower gas fees. It’s saving your time make more profit

In the next few months, we will support staking/farming as well. For example, we will list down the APY/APR ranking of many AMM DEXs. For ex you can see the interest rates on Pancake is 12% and on MDEX is 20% -> so you can choose the pool with higher interest rate and deposit on that ; saving your time and earning more profit!

Himitsuko: Thank you for a good answer Nabi,

I really like to answer this question. It gives us the opportunity to tell the strength of DePocket.

DePocket is a blockchain portfolio tracker that allows you to keep tabs on all the coins and tokens in your multiple wallets.

- DePocket supports users to manage their tokens, NFTs in many chains like NEAR, Binance chain, and Solana. (More chains will come).

- It supports a DEX Aggregator to swap tokens on various DEX on the Binance chain now. and the next we are researching to implement it on NEAR.

You can also have a look our full demo feature video here to understand more:

Kripto Raptor: wow. I think this is the first or rare managing NFT’s too on a single tracker dApp for different chains even for non-EVMs. Did I get it right? 😄

Himitsuko: Oh, Sorry about the confusion of the answer. the NFT didn’t support NEAR (a non-evm). But we are trying to implement it on NEAR now.

Kripto Raptor: hah it’s ok already a lot has been integrated. I am looking forward to it 😏 and thank you for this useful content, have a look at its community 🥰

I know DePocket will have its own Index Engine? How do you index on-chain data? What problem does it solve and why is it so important for DePocket users?

Himitsuko: Nice questions, I will answer them. At this time, DePocket has an in-house Indexing Engine that indexes the data on many smart contracts on the blockchain.

I have a simple answer about it as below.

At first, we listened to tons of the new events, new transactions, and new blocks on the blockchain like NEAR and Binance chain.

After that, we push them to our adapter (it is like a file format reader) it reads the data on each block, event, and transaction to index it to our data lake.

And the last step, we show it into our dashboard for you through our API.

As you know, reading data on the blockchain in real-time is too slow. It is the problem now.

it reduces the speed of dApps on web3.

Our solution is pre-queried that data, save them to our data lake and show it to our user more fastly.

Kripto Raptor: yeah it does. I’m glad you have a solution for that too!

Himitsuko: And the last thing, the DePocket index engine is an event-driven system, it indexes on-chain data by continuously listening to data from blockchain in real-time with the event that a new block is created on the blockchain.

That helps our users manage their assets in real-time too.

Kripto Raptor: Thank you for this detailed answer! another question

Near and DePocket are partners, can you let us know what is the main role of DePocket in the Near ecosystem?

Nabi: sure, I’ll take this question

The cooperation of the DePocket Project and Near Ecosystem will strengthen the convenience qualification in blockchain financial management of Near and enlarge the DePocket all-inclusive Defi center simultaneously.

Himitsuko: Yes, In the other words, the integration of tracking NEAR tokens on DePocket opens a new more modern, and wiser method for Near wallet users to utilize an all-in-one DePocket dApp to check as well as get along with their portfolio instead of opening too many apps or uncomfortably switch among these apps.

We hope that, with this corporation, we can have a good relationship with NEAR teams to grow the ecosystem for both.

Kripto Raptor: thank you, guys! Nice to have you onboard

-So, at the moment, DePocket is supporting user tracking NEAR assets already, and the first mobile app can do it afaik. Will any more features be supported in the future?

-Do you have any plans to connect with other projects in the NEAR ecosystem? In technical terms, how can you do that?

Himitsuko: Yes sure, there are many things DePocket can support NEAR

For example, DEX Aggregator integrates Near’s dApps to support NEAR’s users manage their assets,….

As DePocket already has the features of tracking information on Binance Chain, Solana chain. Currently, DePocket has a lot of upcoming updates for additional support for dApps on NEAR

Nabi: To easily understand, you can have a look at this 1-page overview picture. I think it will be helpful

Ya, Our goal is to integrate Near’s DApp as much as possible. For example, we are partnering with Ref Finance, users can use the DePocket app to track the balance of Ref Finance (will be available this month). In the future, users can do the swap, auto farm.. on those DApp through DePocket. So you don’t have to log in to many platforms, ALL IN ONE.

Himitsuko: In technical term

We design a system that is broken down into many modules with the hierarchical following this order:

+ Chain Management Module -> Chain Module-> dApps Adapter module

-> Chain management Module: Manage nodes, and indexed data of the chains that we integrate

-> Chain module: Includes nodes, information, and data about tokens and dApps that we index for each chain

-> dApps Adapter: It’s a bridge for us to read the data of dApps without any chain or technical limitations.

=> With that Hierarchical, it supports us to manage and integrate multiple chains and dApps easier & at the same time.

Kripto Raptor: getting excited for them! tbh you really got some serious developer skills 😃


Kripto Raptor: As we announced before, Community questions were gathered under the tweet Now we will ask you 5 questions that we have chosen from there. Are you ready?

Himitsuko & Nabi: yes, I am ready

Kripto Raptor: Let me ask them one by one then

Q1 from @Casper06094 (Twitter)

We have already received the application but when will all the functions there be available

Nabi: Follow the roadmap, I believe that in Q3/2022 or early in 2023 all of these functions will be available:

+ Dex Aggregators, Autofarm on multichain

+ Onchain Analysis

+ Portfolio profit and loss

+ On-chain API for developers

+ More DeFi utilities such as Yield Aggregators, Impermanent loss calculator

👉👉👉 Furthermore, you can check the feature that is in review, planned, completed,…in this link:

Kripto Raptor:

Q2 from @rajabeta54

Since DePocket aims to bring a place where users can manage DeFi on multi-chain and multi-wallet based on their wallet address, are there any considerations to provide a feature that will help users swap tokens with the lowest fees in the future?

Nabi: Actually we have already deployed DEX aggregator (beta) on the DePocket website: To swap tokens, you have to connect your wallet, click exchange and choose the token you’re gonna swap.

The system will choose the best platform for you to swap with a cheaper price and lower gas fee.

Kripto Raptor: Q3 from @moonboy_jack9

The feature that I love most on the DePocket platform is “Showing Assets of multi-wallets”. Can you share with us some of the other features of the DePocket platform that you also love OR probably talk about the features that make you feel proud about the DePocket platform?

Himitsuko: Thank you, hope that you can have a good experience on DePocket.

In addition to asset management, we have also launched a feature to support users to swap tokens on our app.

Right now, you can easily manage and trade your assets with optimized costs.

Next, we are working to develop features to help you optimize your investment with your assets.

I hope that it will be liked and trusted in the future.

Kripto Raptor: will $depo token holders be benefitting from these swap fees collected in the future?

Nabi: haha It’s a good question but a tricky one. I can’t answer right now so please give me some time to discuss with my team ^^

Kripto Raptor: cool 😊 just flashed into my mind 😂

Q4 then from @cudosinichi9

- Where does DePocket get its asset price information from? What Oracle do you use for this? Can we really enjoy real-time asset valuation? Can we perhaps set price alarms?

Himitsuko: That is an interesting technical question.

I will answer it separately for each question.

Where does DePocket get its asset price information from?

We used many ways to get the token price now.

Some of them come from the public API from Coingecko, Coinmarketcap.

The rest that we can’t get from the API, we queried it from the on-chain data on the DEX and the oracle.

What Oracle do you use for this?

At this time, we haven’t used any oracles yet.

We are researching the price data on some oracle to get the token price more stable in the future.

Can we really enjoy real-time asset valuation? Can we perhaps set price alarms?

Yes, the alert feature for the token price will be released in the next month.

Kripto Raptor: thank you! Here comes the last question/lucky member 😊

Kripto Raptor: Q5 from @tan70061142

Based on your partnership with Near Protocol, DePocket can be tracking all assets on NEAR ecosystem by the wallet address. So, can you track NFTs too? Or do you have a plan to launch a feature that can track NFT on the Near Ecosystem?


Thanks for your question!

We are supported to track NEAR native coins and tokens on NEAR now.

But we want to optimize that feature to make it easier and more convenient to use. So we are trying to integrate more dApps to help users manage their tokens first.

It is a good idea to support managing NFT on the NEAR chain. We will try to research it and integrate it if it is possible in the next few months.

Nabi: thank you, team. I appreciate the support from your community 💪🙏

Kripto Raptor: It was a pleasure hosting you Guys here. Thank you for introducing your awesome project! @Nabidepo @himitsuko

Nabi: yay, We always want to bring good value to the community. Keep supporting us, it will become our motivation




An Integrated Defi Platform, to better manage and invest your assets across Multichain & Multiwallet.