DEPOCKET — AMA “Product & Upcoming plan” 03rd, Dec — RECAP

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On the 03rd of December 2021, DePocket team conducted a successful Telegram AMA on our channel.

AMA structure and rules:

👉 Ask us questions related to the Product and upcoming plans for DePocket.

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AMA structure:

👉 Introduction Part

👉 Communication part (the question was collected in google form before)

After that, the chat group will unmute, if you still have more questions, feel free to ask us. The Moderator team will try their best to support you. (Note: only question which was taken from google form eligible to receive rewards)


AMA in detail:


Nabi: Hello everyone, welcome to our AMA.

In the AMA today, you will understand the product, plan, and important events and I’m pretty sure that is what the true investor is looking for!

Mr.Hoang Le: Hi, After IDO, I know that you guys have many questions for us. So today, we will try to answer all of your questions!

Himitsuko: Hi all, DePocketers! I’m here to answer any questions from you today!

Nabi: Thank you Hoang Le & Himitsuko, so let’s start the AMA today with the introduction part.

Himitsuko: Thank you Nabi, let’s start!

Nabi: @Himitsuko: can you please briefly explain the DePocket app to new users?

Himitsuko: Sure, we at DePocket aim to create “The World of DeFi In Your Pocket”.

In DePocket platforms, you can manage, swap your tokens in dApps with the cheapest transaction fees. Furthermore, you are also able to optimally invest with our savings and earn a feature in the next few years. For easy visualization, kindly refer to this video:

Mr.Hoang Le: Instead of switching between several DEX to swap or staking your token, you will be able to do all these things in one stop, which also saves your time and brings you the smart and clear interface

Nabi: Thank you Himitsuko and Hoang Le, for those who have more questions about product features and its value for users.

-> Kindly see more in the medium with previous AMA recap here:

Can you share with us your plan in the future?

Mr.Hoang Le: DePocket’s goal is to become an all-inclusive, all-in-one, one-stop-shop DeFi, GameFi and Crypto asset management & tracking solution. Not only GameFi, with our business model, I think that we have more room to play “As DeFi Grows — DePocket Evolves”

Himitsuko: Yes, There are too many pain points here. But we will try our best to bring the best solution to all DePocketers.

To pursue this goal, we will constantly update our software (luckily, we’re from a software company with +8 years old), reaching and extending our partnership and collaboration to achieve our mission and vision in the long term.

Nabi: “reaching and extending our partnership and collaborations”

-> can you share with the community more about this? Which are the partners and companies you’re reaching for?

Mr.Hoang Le: As you know, we have received funding from NEAR foundation, to develop the DePocket on NEAR ecosystem. We are currently working very closely with the NEAR team to launch the NEAR Chain integration soon.

With other platforms, it’s the same, users always need a place to easily track the fluctuation of their assets, not only wallets but assets are staking, farming in decentralized protocols. DePocket is trying to get more support from AVAX or SOLANA chains like NEAR chain.

Himitsuko: This is possible as we already integrated the BSC chain successfully by the DePocket Engineering team which includes many engineers who have experience in working with different on-chain Dapps like BSC, Solana and Near.

On December 5th we will be releasing the integration for wallet asset tracking on the Solana blockchain.

This marks a big milestone when DePocket officially supports multi-chain

Nabi: Sounds promising! How about NEAR? DePocket has partnered with NEAR.

How/what will they support DePocket and what is the milestone for NEAR?.

Mr.Hoang Le: They’re really professional, Near already assigned some people to support DePocket not only about the product but also about marketing, partnership, etc.

I believe that DePocket and NEAR will be growing up together as they monitor the ecosystem, provide support, and connections.

Himitsuko: Right after the moment when we received NEAR’s email, we started researching the NEAR blockchain. It’s an impressive blockchain in terms of technical design!

We expect that the beta version can be released at the end of next month, then the official version can be released 1 month later.

Mr.Hoang Le: Many plan to do with NEAR in the future, but I can’t share in detail. From now, we will focus on building up our ecosystems with real users and investors.

Nabi: Agree with you. Those who support the project in the early stage will share the achievement with the team in the future, that is business and investment.

I see the vision that DePocket will have a long journey and milestones needed to conquer. Do you have any plan to recruit more companion employees?

Himitsuko: Yes, of course, as a CTO, I need to recruit more employees to make sure that we will achieve every milestone in the road map and features demanded from our partners.

We are growing the web service team, blockchain team and UI/UX team now. Each team is a group of 3–5 members.

Mr.Hoang Le: Not only Technical, but other departments also need to grow and extend! We will recruit more people to be in charge of marketing, business, and crypto news.

As we have feature on-chain data, in the future, you guys can update this information on our channels.

Nabi: Regarding Marketing, can you share with the communities the plan in the overview

Mr.Hoang Le: We follow up with an integrated marketing campaign to ensure close coordination between the owned channels, partners, and other marketing hubs.

1. About the product: achieve the milestone as planned

2. Owned channels: news will be updated as soon as possible, as AMA activities will be held on official channels like Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Website, Medium,…

3. Press Release: when we have big news, update, feature, or partnership.

4. Other Media & Partner: We receive enthusiastic and unlimited support from reputable partners such as NEAR, BSC daily, Crypto Differ, Oxbull, etc. support; We will work with them closely, to ensure we bring useful information about the product experience or five of them official news from DePocket.

Nabi: Thank you Himitsuko & Hoang Le, comprehensive plan is a good beginning for success in future!

Now I think communities are quite clear about DePocket’s plan. How about an upcoming event? Can you share that with us?

Himitsuko: In December we will release functions as planned in a roadmap, which are:

- Solana series support: release 5/12

- Staking and add liquidity for $DEPO

- APY/APR monitoring feature of the farming pool and staking pools

Mr.Hoang Le: We at DePocket have been trying our best to create the perfect product step by step. This is just the beginning to dominate this huge potential market. We really need your support. You can give us any feedback about the product, we will absorb it and improve it as much as possible. Thank you for your support during IDO time and in the future


Nabi: Thank you, Hoang Le, so let’s move to the communication part.

We already chose some questions in the google form. Here is the list of questions:

1/Q: Will or should there be a Lock-up or Vesting Period for $DEPO Tokens? , to avoid FOMO.

Himitsuko: Tokens are currently locked according to tokenomic, in addition, a staking feature will be released soon to help users earn more income.

2/ Q: There are many invitations to list DEPO on the CEX exchange, but why is there no exchange-listed currently? and Do you have plans to involve Web3 in the future?

Himitsuko: There are actually many offers from CEX exchanges, we will choose a reputable exchange to list on it, it takes time and maturity level of DePocket. However, listing on the CEX floor is one of our priorities for the future.

Regarding Web3, this is a very interesting question. DePocket currently interacts with Web3 a lot, and certainly not only that we are also involved more in the Web3 world, details have not been revealed yet but stay tuned :)

3/ Q: Do you have a mobile version of your platform? If not, do you have some plans about creating it?

Mr.Hoang Le: Mobile version will be started to develop this month and is expected to be released in the next 2 months to the apple store and play store.

4/ Q: Do you have a Token Burning plan in the future to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Himitsuko: According to the whitepaper, 20% of the fees collected from the token swap and on-chain API will be used for buy-back and burn tokens.

5/ Q: Why do prices dump so much?

Mr.Hoang Le: The expectation of early profit-taking of investors in the IDO round is one of the reasons why the price has corrected in recent days. Currently, the team including the co-founder and the in-house members has not sold any tokens.

A long-term product cannot succeed overnight, price action is short-term.

In the near future, we focus on perfecting products, increasing users, increasing the number of DEPO holders, step by step DEPO value will be confirmed and more stable and increasing value. We believe this direction will achieve the desired results.

6/ Q: I understand DePocket is planning to launch a Yield Aggregator feature. Can you tell us about it? How will it improve users’ experience on your platform?

Himitsuko: It’s really simple, users just need to deposit tokens into DePocket’s smart contract. DePocket will select the highest yield pool and apply auto compounding to maximize the annual return (APY) of the asset. Just a few clicks can maximize your profits.

Nabi: thank you @himitsuko and Hoang Le. Now we will unmute chat group, feel free to ask us anything (note: only questions was collected before eligible to receive rewards)


1/ The token sale has passed, what are you planning next to keep the token price?

In the near future, we will focus on perfecting the product, attracting many more users, and increasing the number of DEPO holders.

We will increase the $DEPO value step by step and make it more stable in an increasing direction.

We believe this direction will achieve the desired results.

2/ Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Yes, UI/UX is a very crucial aspect of our product. We have hired professional UX engineers to improve the experience of current users and attract more new users

3/ You claimed that DePocket is the world's First all-in-one platform Yes we totally agree. How did you achieve this Great success? How expert Team do you make for it?

Thank you for your question. We integrated BSC successful, most of dApps are supported

you can check and use our app:

on 5th DEC, you can check SOl also, I think it’s the best way to prove our ability

4/ Which games of DeFi will Depocket manage? Mention some games

We partnered with My DeFi Pet, and evaluate more GameFi to work with

5/ Are there any plans to monitor APY NFT?

We haven’t found any apps that have NFT staking APY yet.

If we found any app that has these features. It is also an interesting feature.

6/ Do you have a Token Burning plan in the future to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

yes, our solution is suitable for traders and investors who invest on many platforms

-> they need 1 place to manage all of that (and also do a transaction, swap, add liquidity -> these features will be integrated as planned in the road map)

7/ WIll the price of the token pump be soon?

We are working very hard day by day, releasing new features every week.

We are not controlled about price, it reflects market interest.

In the near future, we focus on perfecting products, increasing users, increasing the number of DEPO holders, step by step DEPO value will be confirmed and more stable in an increasing direction. We believe this direction will achieve the desired results.

8/ DEPOCKET built full features on Binance chain so What about SOL, POLYGON?

We will keep adding features for Solana and other chains very soon

9/ Is this project good for the future?

It may depend on how you view the future.

But for us, the DeFi world is scattered and can be very overwhelming for ordinary users.

Depocket is supposed to be an intersection that connects the limitless highways of blockchain infrastructures and makes DeFi more accessible to any user who wants to participate in the crypto world. The goal of the DePocket’s development team is to quickly grow to become the most important link in the DeFi world.




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