DCA (Dollar Cost Average) Strategy and How DePocket and DCA method combination makes the investment much easier.

3 min readJan 22, 2022


  • The investment process will get extremely intricate if you do not have a meticulously well-prepared plan. Thus, the DePocket team brings you this article to make it clear about how to optimize your investment plans in the crypto market by using DCA financial technique. In addition, you will also capably understand why DePocket makes it easier to conduct DCA strategy as well as the optimal plan for financial management.
  1. What is the DCA strategy and how does it work?
  • DCA (Dollar Cost Average) is a financial procedure that is applied to reduce the impact of insane volatility of the crypto market on the overall purchase. In particular, this strategy helps magically diminish the negative effect of a buying position at a too high price.
  • To implement the DCA method, investors need to divide up their total amount of money into several parts so that they can periodically buy more tokens when the price goes down. In this way, people using the DCA strategy are able to lower their cost basis in an investment over time. The lower cost basis would helpfully lead to less of a loss on investments and more gains on investments parallelly.

2. The strong points and weak points of the DCA method?

  • The DCA strategy is easily used even for crypto freshmen since the theory is simple to get through. In terms of positive effects, DCA reflects two key advantages. Firstly, with the help of the DCA method, we do not need to spend much time on the market timing process to administer the portfolios but focus on the percentage of the price decline to buy more tokens, usually making new passive purchases by using the limit orders. Secondly, it is very useful for newbies to avoid the risk that they tend to make counter-productive decisions out of greed or fear due to the trigger of detrimental psychological effects generated from massive price changes. This eventually makes them sell their tokens when the price declines or purchase more when the price rockets.
  • The DCA method can be dangerous if the investors are not experienced enough to evaluate whether the current main trend is uptrend or downtrend, or whether that token project is good or bad to invest in. For example, if we use the DCA method to buy a token in a downtrend or the token of a scam project, it will be very risky that the price is able to tragically drop down and sideways without having any signal of reversal. In the nutshell, you should invest as much as possible in your attempts to analyze what is the main trend as well as the quality of the tokens’ projects before deciding to utilize DCA.

3. DePocket is the solution for helping investors effortlessly apply DCA financial strategy in the financial management process.

  • As you know, DePocket creates an immense convenience when being capable of helping DePocket users effectively track and optimally manage all digital assets on multiple wallets and various chains.
  • Having the exceptionally useful feature mentioned above, The DePocket with the application of the DCA method is found to have the ability to simplify the investing strategy so investors can minimize the time use because users do not need to regularly check many Defi Platform at the same time, and passively periodically purchase tokens regardless of market timing requirement.

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