CoinEx Smart Chain has become the next supported blockchain in our family.

CoinEx Smart Chain: EVM compatibility, high efficiency, and low transaction fees.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), a public chain powered by CoinEx, is a decentralized financial ecosystem with EVM compatibility, PoS consensus, high effectiveness, and cheap fees. The current CSC ecosystem includes initiatives that concentrate on a variety of the crypto industry, such as Web 3, Defi, GameFi, or NFT. The CSC ecosystem is being completed by some of the most remarkable projects like OneSwap (DEX), ViaWallet, IFPool (staking), WaterLoan (lending), and others. Additionally, CSC permits projects to support millions of users.

After the explosive boom of the past two years, the crypto market has turned bearish since the beginning of 2022. As a result, countless projects are trying to cut costs. Some others may even be faced with the possibility of bankruptcy. However, CoinEx Smart Chain is one of the few public chains that continue to invest and grow, despite bleak market conditions. This is an admirable decision and indicates the strong internal forces of the project.

With the goal of “making crypto trading easier,” CoinEx, the international cryptocurrency exchange that is behind CSC, strives to create a bridge that will allow customers to interact with the blockchain community. CET is the native token of both the CoinEx exchange and the CoinEx Smart Chain, with the use case including trading fee discounts on CEX, transaction fees on CSC, staking, and governance.

The DeFi portfolio tracker is an integral piece of an ecosystem.

CoinEx Smart Chain’s ecosystem is growing with the main parts being focused on, which are related to DeFi. As the DeFi market gets crowded and attracts many users, the need for asset monitoring will soar. Instead of waiting for a Defi portfolio tracker specific for CSC, which will take a lot of time, DePocket can give CSC users a hand. DePocket provides CoinEx Smart Chain with a solution to track digital assets and investments across platforms without connecting the user’s wallet to the app.

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The success of the Ethereum Merge failed to revive the crypto market. The experts were concerned about the upcoming complicated economic and geopolitical situation. As a result, the crypto market continued to sink. But the more risks you can handle, the more opportunities you can take advantage of. This might be the right time to stock more coins. And you can manage them easily with DePocket.

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