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  • To make users understand more about what is going on DePocket, besides providing news, the DePocket Team also illustrates to you how to work with the DePocket Platform most practically and simply and make this app an extremely useful thing simplifying the complex regarding crypto-financial management. For doing that, I would like to bring you some views about how a Raydium whale manages its portfolio.
  • Raydium token is built on the Solana ecosystem, so it can be tracked since DePocket has already supported the Solana chain.
  • Firstly, you can find the list of the largest Raydium wallet on On the list in the link above, I chose and copied the first wallet address 8pFhUqCU7Fkxfg2DLytRDf7a9oK4XGtN92PrYwtVQc6G in the ranking list.
  • Secondly, you then pass it on the tracking bar of the DePocket site to find out the information of this wallet balance. Just click the Add to tracking button and enjoy the convenience brought from the DePocket Platform.
  • In the picture above, you can see that this whale wallet holds 100% Raydium tokens with no data showing the whale is interested in any other token. In terms of this investing view of the Raydium whale, we can kind of deduce that the Raydium token is very potential and be able to make much profit in the future. Over 3 billion dollars is an insane balance for a Raydium whale wallet which gives us a big question about why there is such a huge investment like that. As a result, we can use this cue to find Raydium a potential project to learn about and possibly add it to our portfolio. Besides having the chance to shed light on whale financial management, we also understand more about the DePocket Project, how it runs, and how it makes our life more comfortable.
  • In addition, I am very excited to inform you that DePocket dApp has just successfully launched the new feature for staking DEPO tokens, and this is considered to be one of the most important steps to offer DePocketers an additional way to earn income while holding the DEPO tokens.
  • Please follow us on the DePocket website and do not forget to use the DePocket defi app to track and manage your portfolio. We are very happy to improve your life as we always make many attempts to enhance the DePocket platform, and make it become the most popular all-inclusive Defi Hub.



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