• Today, we will find out which tokens do a CAKE token whale wallet hold? By doing this we not only have the chance to experience the convenience of the all-inclusive financial management dashboard which is called DePocket dApp but also possibly learn about the tokens invested by whales.
  • For those who are new to this decentralized application, I would say DePocket is a user-friendly defi app that provides a new simple way to manage all of your assets by only using one platform. This would therefore definitely save a lot of time and simplify the tracking process instead of having to open all platforms at the same time and switching among them.
  • At first, we can get the contract on the Coingekco website, track it on BSC scan site and find the link in the token tracker part which leads to the next website including the list of CAKE holders.
  • Secondly, after choosing the wanted CAKE wallet address 0xaf06e7ca8e77bd17dee07d7c7fcbd33d6689231a from the ranking list, we accordingly move to and track for the detailed information of this wallet
  • Just a second, the portfolio analysis was shown clearly as in the picture above. As we can see, the CAKE token comprises the highest quantity with about 60% of the total portfolio equivalent to around 2,5 million dollars compared to the second place of USD coin which makes up about 38% of the total wallet. The rest of this portfolio only equals to around 100 dollars and is constituted by BNB token and Xeta token with about 1% of the total holding bag.
  • After the research for a CAKE wallet, we get some insights about how a Cake whale wallet makes the management for its portfolio, therefore, we can get some ideas for building or making the potential adjustments for our balances.
  • Besides, we understand more about how convenient is DePocket dApp and how it helps investors to obtain an effective method to track and manage their possessions in which they can save their time with the all-inclusive tracking mechanism and secure themselves from data loss and release since there is no need to connect their wallet to DePocket.
  • Finally, we are going to have more functions from staking DEPO tokens to supporting additional chains and DEX like NEAR protocol and Apeswap DEX.
  • Please follow us to update more information


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