• The DePocket team has invested a lot of effort to make the DePocket Platform more convenient and friendly. More features are now worked on and planned to be launched such as DEPO staking, additional chains support, new function, more collaboration with the other platform.
  • To know what DePocket has achieved in the long run and why there are so many improvements in the future, you should experience this decentralized app by regularly using it instead of just reading the information.
  • Today, I would like to select a very common token which is Cardano (ADA) to learn about its holders and how an ADA whale arranges its portfolio.
  • First of all, let’s take a look at this website address to have the ranking list of ADA wallets. I chose for you the wallet in this which takes the 23rd place in the ranking list 0xa78a6f3d391e272e7c0c40e8e5571558c6cf36c7
  • Secondly, you then paste this address onto the search bar of the DePocket Tracking Website and wait for the magic appearance.
  • Finally, you can see the detailed balance of this ADA whale wallet as in the pictures above.
  • In the first picture that I give you above, you can see the total amount of money in this wallet is about 23 million dollars and the list of tokens is managed according to the descending order-based value. ADA token occupies third place in the token ranking list and comprises only about 7% equal to around 1.6 million dollars, while the largest place is taken by BNB token which makes up approximately 55% to be equivalent to 13.4 million dollars.
  • You can see that ADA is maybe not the best choice for this whale in this market period. This can be explained as because ADA has gained a huge increase in its price, so more investors prefer selling it rather than buying more to hold. In the other words, it could be very risky if you purchase a token when its price has rocketed so insanely or when it has been marketed by many KOLs.
  • After just a few simple steps, we are now able to understand how comfortable it is when using DePocket to track and manage our assets. With the all-in-one DePocket Defi hub. Users do not need to open many platforms, do not need to switch them repetitively to check their balance and improve their Defi experience standard.
  • Instead of getting a trading position of a token at a very high price or a token that has gained much success in price increase, you should pay more attention to the gem-like DePocket. I can not tell you what are gems over there on the market, but I can help you to identify them. In short, you only need to focus on three sides: investment, development, and real users.
  • Based on the three criteria that I give you to evaluate to know whether a project is a gem or not, you can look back at the DePocket Project, and you can see that DePocket properly qualifies all of the three norms to be a gem such as having experience founder, big collaboration with Near Ecosystem, approaching more real users thanks to the platform’s unstoppable developing procedure, and continuously updated information.

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