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The Balancer V2 ship has just docked at DePocket port. All of our features can now be active on Balance V2.

Balancer v2: an AMMs generalized protocol version 2.0

The Balancer is an AMM generalized protocol that aims to provide incentives for a distributed computer network to run a market where users can trade crypto. This service uses a combination of crypto assets, allowing trade without a middleman like an exchange. In addition, Balancer V1 also offers a variety of other functions, including: price monitoring, liquidity supply, and automated portfolio manager.

Balancer V2, an update of V1, plays an important role in DeFi liquidity. The arrival of Balancer V2 is expected to be helpful for the Ethereum ecosystem to regain its dominance because the gas fee will be significantly reduced. Besides, all pools that the Balancer is currently managing will be merged into a single vault. This makes the operation more efficient. In addition, Balancer V2 also offers some improvements, including permissionless and customizable AMM logic or effective-cost oracles.

Currently, TVL (Total locked value) reaches 1.49 billion dollars, landing at 14th place in the highest TVL list in the DeFi world, according to Defi Llama. Token BAL, the native token of Balancer, has been green in the last month with a price of 6.22 dollars at the time of this writing. This means its market cap exceeds 250 million dollars.

Another Ethereum dApp in the Depocket

Having remained stable and scandal-free for a long time, Defi platforms on Ethereum have considerably gained more investor trust than the ones on other blockchains. Although the APY/APR on these platforms is not highly attractive, the number of investors choosing “safety first” still takes over. In addition, the amount of pools to lock assets on the Balancer varies by a large number. This makes investors on this platform confused about managing their investments. So it’s a good target for DePocket to put Balancer V2 in our pocket.

Let’s launch the DePocket app, paste your addresses and enjoy tracking your balance on Balancer V2. Remember to turn the green tick of Ethereum on the left-bottom button or it will not be displayed on the dashboard.

Try our demo wallet here:

Balancer V2 can help you balance your assets, but DePocket can help you balance your life by reducing the time that you pay for tracking your investment. From that, you can spend more time for yourself, family and society.

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